Linoma Software Release GoAnywhere MFT v5.2

Linoma Software Release GoAnywhere MFT v5.2

Linoma have announced the release of GoAnywhere MFT v5.2, a major release, packed with new features and functionality, and fully beta tested.


Two brand new features;

  • GoFast™ – a new file transfer acceleration protocol, which not only improves speed of transfers but deliverability too
  • Domains – Segregation of the solution, which allows different departments to access different files and workflows

Highlights of some of the other feature updates include;

  • Support for Amazon S3 Buckets and WebDAV resources that can be used as file storage for trading partners and workflows.
  • Support for popular SMS gateways and SMNP servers to make it easier to automate alerts and notifications.
  • Project revision history tracking that allows you to restore workflows to previous versions.
  • RSA RADIUS Login methods with Two-Factor-Authentication using key fobs or token apps.
  • Additional logs and change history to track administrator user activity on the system.
  • Updated UI, including change detection features

Take a look at the video:

GoFast™ File Transfer Acceleration Protocol uses multiple UDP channels to accelerate the movement of files between servers. This acceleration is especially useful for moving large files, including videos and backup sets, across the internet or wide area networks (WANs). Options are provided in GoFast to protect confidential transfers with strong AES-256 encryption, as well as compress transmissions to minimise bandwidth requirements. Since GoFast is a feature within the GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer solution, it takes full advantage of the available automation, auditing and reporting capabilities in the product.  GoFast features include:

  • Uses standard SSL/TLS encryption to protect the control channel between the client and server.
  • Optional Zlib compression is available for file compression.
  • GA-GoFast-Logo-250Strong AES encryption with up to 256 bit keys is available to protect data in transit.
  • File checksums support for integrity verification.
  • Generates full audit trails of all files transferred

GoFast™ is an optional licensed module, please contact the team for more details and pricing on 0207 118 9640.

Domains can be used to segregate GoAnywhere MFT into multiple security zones where authorised users can only work with trading partners, workflows and logs belonging to their assigned domains.  This functionality benefits businesses that need to share a single installation of GoAnywhere with multiple departments, while maintaining separation of administrative access. Each domain can be locked into certain network folders to prevent unauthorised access by other administrators.  Domains features include:

  • Specific admin users and groups can be authorized to one or more Domains.
  • Domains can be locked into specific folders on the file system. This prevents admin users from accessing files/folders outside of their assigned Domains.
  • Admin users can quickly switch between their assigned Domains.
  • Items can be moved between assigned Domains, such as Users, Groups, Project and Resources.

By default each installation will be provided with 2 domains at no charge, additional domains can be purchased as necessary.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Pro2col Team on 0207 118 9640 if you need any assistance upgrading, evaluating or if you require pricing.

GoAnywhere MFT is now Drummond Certified for AS2

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is one of the most popular methods for transporting data securely and reliably over the internet. Linoma’s GoAnywhere software has supported AS2 for many years to simplify the exchange of data like EDI, XML, documents, PDFs and text files with trading partners.

AS2_3Q15_DrummondCertified_seal-300x169That commitment to excellence was recently tested against the world’s highest standards for AS2 automation, as set by the Drummond Group, LLC. And Linoma are pleased to announce that the AS2 automation features in GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer solution, (GoAnywhere MFT™) were recognised as Drummond Certified™ in the AS2-3Q15 automated interoperability test event.

Drummond Certified products are compliant and interoperable to make sure they truly interface with the systems of customers and partners. A report listing the test results and technical parameters of a specific test may be downloaded from the website.

GoAnywhere streamlines, automates & encrypts file transfers using standard encryption and protocols including: Open PGP, SFTP, FTPS, & HTTPS. For questions or to schedule a personal demo of GoAnywhere MFT, contact a Linoma representative today on 0207 118 9640.

“Although GoAnywhere has supported AS2 for quite some time, our customers were telling us that becoming Drummond Certified™ would help them in meeting trading partner requirements” Commented Bob, “to be Drummond Certified™ means being part of an elite group of software solutions, and one of the few that can also offer on-premise file collaboration and managed file transfer capabilities too.”
Bob Luebbe
Chief Architect, Linoma Software

In addition to becoming certified as an AS2-3Q15 product, further testing of GoAnywhere MFT confirmed its compatibility with RFC 4130 and verified compliance with optional profiles for;

  • FN (Filename Preservation)
  • MA (Multiple Attachments)
  • FN-MA (Filename Preservation with Multiple Attachments.)
  • CTE (Chunked Transfer Coding
  • SHA2 hash algorithms supporting SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512

Other currently Drummond Certified for AS2 Managed File Transfer Solutions include;

Axway SecureTransportCleo HarmonyCleo VLTraderCleo Lexicom

Go Anywhere Managed File Transfer v5.0 Released

Go Anywhere Managed File Transfer v5.0 Released

With Unified Interface and Advanced Reporting.

Linoma Software unveils GoAnywhere MFT™ (Managed File Transfer), version 5.0 of its GoAnywhere secure file transfer software. The upgrade combines the workflow automation capabilities of Linoma’s popular GoAnywhere Director solution with secure file transfer protocol (FTP) features from GoAnywhere Services into a single product. In addition, the merged product adds numerous significant enhancements.

GA-MFT-Dashboard_400pxGoAnywhere MFT 5.0 introduces a brand new and customisable browser-based dashboard with more than 20 gadgets providing statistics, graphs, and details of file transfer activity and critical system information. Each administrator has their own personal dashboard, and can arrange informative gadgets to quickly monitor the activity most important to them.

The upgrade delivers advanced Reporting features that include various PDF reports that cover system information and file-transfer activity with details and graphs.  A Security Settings Audit report will analyse a GoAnywhere MFT server’s security settings to determine compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) requirements. The report also suggests actions needed to remedy the settings that are non-compliant.

GoAnywhere continues to provide individual audit logs for job activity, triggers, and file transfers (SFTP and FTP/s, HTTP/s, AS2). The product’s new version improves logging by sending the individual log events to a global index for faster, system-wide search results.  The new Global Search can be used to quickly find events for a particular file name, a specific user name or a wide variety of ‘Google’ like search criteria.

Licensing for GoAnywhere MFT has been revamped allowing Linoma to offer a completely free FTP server, including functions to automate FTP transfers. Every edition of GoAnywhere MFT also includes 10 free user accounts for GoDrive, the on-premise enterprise file synchronisation and sharing solution.

GoAnywhere MFT now features the ability to use Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) servers as Resources and Tasks to integrate antivirus and DLP (data loss prevention) solutions in your workflows. Customers can scan files for sensitive data and viruses to stop harmful file transfers before they are sent.

Existing customers of GoAnywhere will need to register on the GoAnywhere Customer Portal at to request a new license before installing the upgrade.

To download the software or learn more about the enhancements and features of GoAnywhere MFT 5.0, contact Pro2col on 0333 123 1240.

Go Anywhere Webinar – On Premise Alternative to File Sharing and Collaboration

Go Anywhere Webinar – On Premise Alternative to File Sharing and Collaboration


On-premise Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) is a secure document storage solution that puts IT administrators back in control.

– Are you tired of paying high subscription fees for third-party storage services?
– Are you sending sensitive file attachments through email and cloud storage (i.e., Dropbox)?
– Are you looking for an alternative to regulating file sharing through policy enforcement?

Join this FREE webinar and learn about:

Secure File Sharing

  • Advantages of storing data on-premise
  • End-to-end encryption of sensitive files
  • Audit logs and detailed reporting
  • Managing users, security settings and shared folders
  • Device authorization and remote wipe


  • Drag and drop upload with thumbnail previews
  • Simple file and folder sharing between users
  • User monitoring and management of file and folder access
  • File versioning and recycle bin for recovery by users

Benefits over Cloud

  • Unlimited storage scalability
  • No subscription fees
  • We’ll show you how easy it can be to utilise an on-premise EFSS solution in your organisation.
Featured Speakers:


Bob Luebbe
Chief Architect




Steve Luebbe
Software Development Manager

Event Type: Live Webinar
Event Date: Thursday 26th March – 1200Hrs CET

Review this Webinar

GoAnywhere Director 4.6 Released

GoAnywhere Director 4.6 Released

Linoma Software places a premium on developing enhancements which streamline Managed File Transfer (MFT) processes for its customers.  GoAnywhere DirectorTM version 4.6 is a prime example, adding a wealth of new features that further reduce the effort needed to set up and administer file transfers.  This update also includes greater control over file transfer jobs with improved debugging, job queue management, and automatic encryption of files at rest.

Efficient Administration

With version 4.6, batch jobs can now be organized and prioritized within their own custom job queues. For instance, customers can assign a higher priority to certain jobs in order to meet their service level agreements with select trading partners. Jobs can also be executed sequentially using single-threaded job queues to ensure that file transfers occur in the order they were submitted.

GAD-4_6Manipulating groups of data is even easier in 4.6. For instance, the values from a database table can be modified to meet a vendor’s requirements when written to an XML, CSV, fixed-width, or Microsoft Excel file.  In turn, before being imported into a database system, the values in a document can be read and altered to meet the application’s requirements.

Additionally, file monitors can be set up to easily scan SFTP, FTP and FTPS servers to execute a project workflow when a new, updated or deleted file is detected. With a step-by-step wizard, you can indicate the folders to scan, the file pattern and the frequency.  If no files are found on the targeted server for the time period, GoAnywhere can alert personnel quickly with email notifications.

Greater Control

While GoAnywhere Director makes it easy to build complex file transfer projects, there are occasions when a user needs a deeper level of control and visibility into the steps being performed.  This newest release introduces a debugging tool for project workflows.  The new debugger allows an administrator to step through tasks and view or modify the value of variables after each task has executed.

One of the more significant enhancements in version 4.6 is the ability to run remote commands on SSH enabled servers. The new “Execute SSH Commands” task allows administrators to pass command parameters using variables, and the output from the command can be directed to the job log or an output file. As an example, this new task can be used to automate software installations, perform upgrades and other admin functions on Linux and UNIX servers.

Improved Security

Security continues to be a top priority for Linoma Software.  The release of GoAnywhere Director 4.6 brings with it the ability to set up folders that secure data at rest using automatic AES-256 encryption. This helps to provide compliance with PCI, HIPAA and other strict data security regulations.

A complete list of enhancements can be found in the release notes on the GoAnywhere Director website.