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Certified File Transfer Professional Training Programme

Become a Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP)

The only vendor independent, certified training programme for staff who work with managed file transfer software.

Does your organisation use or operate secure ftp servers or managed file transfer software?


If yes, could your company benefit from:


  • Greater understanding of how it can benefit the organisation

  • Easier on boarding for your customers/trading partners

  • Recognition of the most appropriate way to transfer files with key partners

  • Greater security of company data when adopting best practises

  • A more efficient, better deployed technology

  • A better educated IT help desk and support team

Certified File Transfer Programme

Pro2col are the only provider of CFTP in Europe. This course can be taken as a remote learning option for single users or delivered on premise for full IT teams. The certifying body behind the CFTP program is the Certified File Transfer Professional Advisory Board. It is managed and administered by File Transfer Consulting, LLC, a vendor-independent technology firm that that encourages file transfer interoperability, education, and best practices through training and professional certification. The CFTP exam, process and study guide are shaped by a group of experienced advisors with a wide range of managed file transfer and secure file transfer experience. The course covers encryption, FTP Protocols, Advanced Protocols including HTTP and ASx, File Sync and Share and Automation.

How will it benefit the organisation?


A Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) is qualified to evaluate, deploy, configure and maintain managed file transfer and secure file transfer technology such as:

  • FTP Servers, FTPS Servers and SFTP Servers
  • FTP Clients, FTPS Clients and SFTP Clients
  • Managed File Transfer Solutions
  • Automated File Transfers and File Transfer Scripting (e.g., FTP Scripts)
  • “Web Transfer” and “Web Client” Servers, Including WebDAV Servers
  • Accelerated File Transfer, Including “Extreme File Transfer” and UDP-Based Solutions
  • “Ad Hoc” File Sharing and File Synchronization Solutions

Certified File Transfer Professional Prerequisites


Before you begin CFTP, we recommend you have at least the following qualifications:

  • 2-year IT degree or equivalent experience
  • Familiarity with IP-based networking concepts (TCP, basic protocols/routing/masking, DNS, hostname vs. IP, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of file systems and email
  • Familiarity with at least one command-line interface (e.g,. Windows console window or a *nix shell)
  • Familiarity with typical folder/file access controls (e.g., read/write) and user account controls (e.g., user/group)
  • Basic understanding of: FTP clients, FTP servers, web browsers, web servers and file sharing and storage cloud services

“All of our pre-sales and technical teams have completed the CFTP training. I would highly recommend it to any IT professional that is involved in the day-to-day running of managed file transfer software.”

James Lewis

Managing Director, Pro2col Limited

Pro2col is the European partner for the Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) training program, which prepares IT staff to work with managed file transfer (MFT) technology and operations.

Pro2col provide both vendor/solution specific (e.g. Ipswitch MOVEit) and vendor independent training to ensure you get the most our of your Managed File Transfer solution.