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5 Tips For Improving The Security Of Your FTP Server

securing-your-ftp-serverModern MFT solutions are built with security in mind. If you follow the manufacturer’s installation guide the default settings will give you a secure system. However, enabling some of these extra features can improve the security of your file transfer infrastructure.

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Implementing MFT? Who you gonna call?

Here we describe the teams required at different stages of the ITIL methodology to proceed with the effective implementation of a Managed File Transfer Solution. Talking to the right set of people within your organisation will save you time and possibly money.

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Managed File Transfer Automates Cloud Workflows

cloud-blog-image_600x300As cloud applications and storage become an increasingly important part of business infrastructure, the challenge of governing the movement of data to and from it escalates.

 Managed File Transfer solutions are plugging this gap and extending business workflows to the cloud.

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Dropbox – Replace It or Embrace It?

dropbox-for-businessWe have frequently been asked by our customers about Dropbox – its suitability for business and how to control its use within the corporate environment? Here we take a look at how Dropbox has changed in recent times, why some companies choose to block it and why some companies are choosing to integrate it within their everyday work flows.

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Do you need Managed File Transfer or just FTP?

3-drivers2FTP is everywhere: built into Microsoft products, available as a free client or via a range of FTP server solutions – some better than others. Despite a reputation for being outdated and unsecure, FTP and SFTP are still highly used. So is FTP or SFTP enough for your needs or do you need Managed File Transfer?

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