FASP 3.6 Aspera Transfer Platform Now Available

Aspera have released version 3.6 of its Aspera Transfer Platform, a major new release that is built into the core of all the latest Aspera products and Aspera On Demand offerings. In this release, Aspera’s core products; Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point Client and Desktop Client – have all undergone a significant revamping with support for multi-tenancy and many new notable features and capabilities.

Aspera LogoThe most significant highlights include:


New Multi-Tenant Access Control and Content Security

  • Enables multiple Aspera applications to securely authenticate to transfer clusters and individual transfer nodes with no access to underlying storage credentials, supporting all local and cloud storage types.
  • New server side encryption at rest stores content securely at rest based on server defined / queried secrets, in addition to client side encryption at rest.

New Aspera On Demand Capabilities

  • New native cluster support for invoking transfers that use all nodes in a cluster and New node API for querying cluster transfer status through one cluster address.
  • New autoscale service for the Transfer Cluster Manager (ATCM) that automatically scales the number of Aspera Server nodes for client transfer demands up and down based on user-defined policies.
  • New super fast HVM images running on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, supports single transfers sessions at up to 1.5 Gigabits per second throughput using the latest VM technology.
  • Many new Direct-to-Cloud storage advanced transfer capabilities supporting all major cloud storage providers including, IBM SoftLayer Swift, AWS S3 and GovCloud, Microsoft Azure Blob, Akamai Netstorage, Limelight Orchestrate Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Storage, HDFS, Ceph, and coming soon, CleverSafe.

New Aspera Watch (Asperawatchd) Service

  • A new ultra fast service which provides immediate change detection and snapshot service designed for speed, scale and distributed change watching.

New FASPStream binary and APIs

  • Server and client products include a new binary for sending and receiving ‘streams’ of data or growing files over wide area networks at the stream/file generation rate with nearly 0 delay at the receiver.

New ASCP4 Binary

  • New ascp4 binary has a new architecture for ultra high-speed transfers of very small files, able to achieve 1 million files per minute over Global WANs for 10 Gigabit per second sustained transfers of files of <=100KB over long distance.

New Aspera Sync (ASYNC) Features

  • Aspera Sync incorporates the Asperawatchd service eliminating bottlenecks of scanning on very large file systems (>20 million files) and scales with number of synchronising users by eliminating per-user file system access.

New Aspera Watchfolder (Beta Release)

  • This beta release of the new Aspera WatchFolder includes in all Linux and Windows core products and designed to meet the scaling and management requirements of modern workflows. This can be used in place or in addition to the Windows asperasync.exe or simplesync services on Linux.


For more information on this new Aspera release please contact an Aspera engineer on 0207 118 9640.