trainingPro2col are pleased to offer its customers tailored onsite and offsite training sessions to help both IT departments and everyday users get to grips with the managed file transfer solutions we provide.

Core training is provided as part of any routine installation but if you have any specific requirements over and above the standard training provided, this can be booked as a separate service to be carried out at a time convenient to you.

Pro2col provides a wide range of additional training on each solution we supply. Our training options include the following standard courses:

Administrator Training

A full system overview for your IT Administrators, looking at the common areas of usage and simple troubleshooting exercises.

An in-depth training designed to provide sufficient background knowledge for administrators to be able to manage your MFT solution. At completion of the training, administrators will understand how to apply operational changes without negatively impacting security or functionality. Common and less-common issues and “gotchas” are covered to assist in daily support.

Refresher Training

As existing users we’ll bring you back up to speed with this shorter Admin training session.

This dual purposed training is designed to refresh the skill sets for less regular MFT administrators and support staff. Additionally, it addresses system functionality which may have been overlooked after your environment was established.

Help Desk Training

Train your help desk staff in the most common support queries and how to resolve them.

As the first point of contact between your end-users and administrators, help-desk staff can generally resolve most day to day issues that your end-users encounter. This short course provides basic support training, tips and tricks, handling and prevention of common issues, as well as delivering some useful insights into why the software works the way it does.

New Version Training

Upgrade your production/non-production system and review the new features.

This short course will help administrators to understand, plan for and implement software updates and upgrades. Included in the course are a list of between-version changes, a review of how they impact your environment and an introduction to new features and how best to ensure you are getting the most out of your solution.

System Health Check

Ensure your managed file transfer solution is optimally configured to your requirements.

The Health Check is a non-intrusive examination of your MFT environment and can be used to validate that you are getting the very best performance out of your system. Included in the check is a review of resource loading and throughput. Our technicians can ensure that you are meeting industry and vendor best practices, as well as checking for security compliance. Each health check includes a report detailing each aspect of the review as well as any recommendations on how best to proceed.

Non-Vendor Specific MFT Training (CFTP)

This accredited CFTP training enables IT professionals to become experts in managed file transfer (MFT) technology and operations.

Pro2col has been appointed as the exclusive European partner to the Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) programme. Since the CFTP programme was introduced in 2014 it has been adopted by hundreds of managed file transfer professionals and organisations around the world. Learn more here.


Please note, duration of training sessions will depend upon the MFT solution it is for.

Please contact us on 0333 123 1240 or email us if you would like to discuss or indeed book any additional training.

Pro2col Professional Service Credits


In addition to our training services, we offer professional service credits to allow for any additional training or assistance that are not covered by your vendor support contract.