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Linoma Go Anywhere Services

GoAnywhere Services™ allow trading partners (both internal and external) to securely connect to your system and exchange files within a fully managed and audited solution.
Popular file transfer and encryption standards are supported without the need for proprietary client software. Ad-hoc file transfers can also be performed with an intuitive browser interface or Outlook 2010 plug-in.


Key Features

    • Remote Administration
      An intuitive browser-based interface allows remotely administration and monitoring. Administrators can easily configure properties for FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS and AS2, define authorised users and their permissions, configure extensive security settings, create and manage event triggers for automatically processing files, monitor active sessions and view / export audit logs.
    • Web Client for Ad Hoc Transfers
      The optional web client is easy to use and requires no pre-installed PC software, simply direct users to a URL address to log in and quickly upload and download files. The Web client interface secures file transfers through HTTPS, is customisable, sends email notifications when files are available and allows file expirations and maximum downloads.
    • Security
      Provides enterprise-level security features to meet stringent in-house policies and compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA. Administrators can set password policies, authenticate users with LDAP, Active Directory or IBM i, create and manage SSL certificates and SSH keys, authenticate SFTP, FTPS and HTTPS/AS2 connections, restrict user access, grant command permissions and auto-blacklist IPs for DoS and Brutalforce attacks.
    • Audit Logging
      Detailed audit log information is captured for all activity (e.g. logins, file transfers, errors and other events), which can be filtered, exported to CSV or directed to an enterprise Syslog server.
    • Triggers
      Triggers can be defined to monitor for specified events, such as when a file is uploaded or downloaded by a particular user. Based on the user-defined trigger settings, GoAnywhere Services can send an email notification or run a variety of processes. Triggers can be conditioned based on a variety of criteria including user ID, file name and IP address.
    • Go Anywhere Gateway
      GoAnywhere Gateway™ acts as an enhanced reverse proxy that provides an additional layer of network defence. It allows your trading partners to connect to GoAnywhere Services without having to open incoming ports into your private network or store sensitive information in the DMZ.

GoAnywhere-Gateway_newIn essence, GoAnywhere Gateway serves as a transparent interface between internal systems and external systems without exposing sensitive files and the private/internal network.

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