Titan FTP Server

The FTP Server software provides reliable, secure file transfer.
Titan FTP Server provides secure transfers, intelligent passwords, and events to thwart hackers. With over 20,000 servers installed worldwide, Titan is the secure and stable FTP Server that you can trust. It’s easy to use and just works, every time.

Titan FTP Server Enterprise Edition is recommended by Cisco Systems as the preferred backup server for Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM). Titan is HIPAA-compliant software used by hospitals, financial services, and government agencies worldwide.

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Cisco Systems Recommend Titan FTP Server as the preferred SFTP server for backing up Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM).
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Key Features


  • Web Interface
    Titan offers an optional web user interface for convenient access to data. Allow clients to access and upload files without the need to purchase and install FTP client software.
  • Advanced Features
    – Titan offers a COM interface for custom scripting to easily integrate PC or server programs with your Titan server.
    – MDTM Date/Time modification is supported by Titan when used with an MDTM-compliant FTP client such as WebDrive, facilitating accurate backup and synchronisation.
    – Titan also supports Secure FXP by way of the SSCN and CPSV commands.
  • Enhanced Performance
    Keep your server running at peak performance with a variety of customisation options;
    – Delete partially uploaded files
    – Configure the maximum number of concurrent connections for each server
    – Regulate the maximum number of connections from an IP
    – Configure maximum upload and download speeds
    – Customise bandwidth for each user
    – Configure upload/download ratios
    – Set disk quotas

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