Alternatives to costly Rackspace 

Well other than having a busy week last week we also had two existing Rackspace Enterprise customers contact us to discuss moving their FTP File Transfer to another solution. We wondered if there had been some changes to their terms and conditions or pricing but it appears that the reason that these accounts we’re looking for Rackspace alternatives was down to functionality, performance as well as price. Fanatical-Support

Rackspace has always been positioned as a premium priced supplier with a company mantra of providing fanatical support, however fanatical support isn’t enough these days to command a premium price, the product also needs to be fully featured. Lets be clear Rackspace is a great hosting provider and probably lots more but what we’re hearing is that when it comes to using them for SFTP file transfer they’re phenomenally expensive and don’t provide even some of the basic controls you’d expect. Additionally, but this probably isn’t all Rackspace’s fault, the latency experienced by FTP users trying to carry large data sets over long distances have irritated their customers.

The two Enterprise accounts we talked to want to take very different routes to addressing their file transfer concerns. One is bringing it in house, we’re supplying a file transfer solution on an appliance which we’ll manage and support, the other is moving to another hosted provider we work with who addresses the latency issue by carrying data over their own private network between their data centres, with the end user downloading files from their ‘local’ data centre using Geo-DNS to ensure the fastest possible connection speed.

I’ve no particular axe to grind with Rackspace, I know them as a reputable company and don’t really have a bad word to say about them. However charging Enterprise accounts, in this day and age, high costs for storage which lets be honest is as cheap as chips right now could be the catalyst for more Rackspace customers to call upon our services. If your company needs an Enterprise File Transfer solution, without the Enterprise price tag give our team of friendly consultants a call.