Aspera mobile apps now available

The power of Aspera Drive is now available on mobile devices. With the Aspera Drive Mobile app, employees, customers and partners have the ability to remotely browse and transfer files and folders with remote Shares. Built on Aspera’s patented FASP™ technology, FASP-AIR™ transfers data over Wi-Fi and cellular networks at industry-leading speeds, up to 100x faster than traditional mobile technologies.



  • Transfers powered by Aspera FASP™ transport technology, delivery speeds are up to 3x faster than today’s 3G networks and up to 100x faster on double-band 802.11n, and over 10x faster on low-strength 802.11g/n.
  • Easy-to-use interfaces with the look and feel of native device apps, make it easy to send and receive documents, images and videos through intuitive integration with on-device functions, such as Photo Gallery and built-in cameras.
  • Apps can access built-in camera directly to shoot pictures and include them immediately in the package, without having to leave the app.
  • Bulletproof security protects data in transit and at rest on the device, with end-point authentication, strong encryption and data integrity verification.
  • Transfers will continue to run in the background during phone calls or when using other applications.
  • Thumbnails for video and image files ensure that users are working with the right assets.



Mobile Uploader for iPhone and iPad


FASPEX™ Mobile App for iOS and Android


Android Mobile App


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Pro2col team if you have any queries, require a demonstration or wish to organise download of the apps.