Award for the Best Managed File Transfer Vendor goes to…

According to a recent study of managed file transfer vendors undertaken by the Info-Tech Research Group, one of our key vendors GlobalSCAPE received the highest praise and was afforded the award of best managed file transfer vendor.  As GlobalSCAPE’s Master Partner here in the UK, we’re very pleased with the high praise and we concur with the assessment that GlobalSCAPE… “has an extensive feature set, solid price point, and clear strategy. Meeting advanced security requirements with extensive security modules combined with anti-flooding and auto-ban features, GlobalSCAPE offers 24 x7 support to quickly respond to any potential problems that occur.”

In addition Ipswitch File Transfer were also recognised as a Champion in the study impressing the analysts with a strong, well rounded product portfolio.  Again, as Ipswitch’s Elite Partner here in the UK we recognise the value that Ipswitch’s MOVEit range of technologies provide, accompanied by a strong feature set.

Infotech-image1With the sunsetting on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant back in 2010, there has certainly been space for an analyst report on managed file transfer vendors and solutions.  I think that the Info-Tech report has a little way to go to reach the breadth of MFT industry content that Gartner achieved but it shows that we’ve chosen well in selecting the best vendors to work with.

If you’d like to discuss how either GlobalSCAPE or Ipswitch’s Managed File Transfer solutions could help your business, we’re perfectly placed to assist you in helping you to select the right MFT solution for your needs.  Please get in touch on 0333 123 1240.