Axway SecureTransport - Managed File Transfer

Axway Secure Transport

Axway SecureTransport is a multi-protocol Managed File Transfer (MFT) gateway solution that enables organisations to secure, manage, and track the transfer of files inside and outside the enterprise firewall. In support of both mission-critical business processes and ad hoc human transactions, SecureTransport is designed to handle everything – from high-volume automated file transfers between systems, sites, lines of business and external partners, to user-driven ad-hoc communications and portal-based file exchange.

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Key Features

  • Security
    Data secured in transit, in the DMZ and when at rest on the Server.
  • Compliance
    Strong audit trails demonstrate compliance with industry and government mandates such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, SEPA and GLBA.
  • Management
    Intuitive graphical user interface provides visibility and control of all file transfer activities.
  • Tracking
    End-to-end monitoring, reports, alerts and KPI/SLA management for data travelling inside and outside of the Enterprise firewall.
  • Standard Clustering
    Enables active/active and active/passive deployments.
  • Large Enterprise Clustering
    Enables organisations to leverage an external database to scale up to 20 node and unlimited concurrent connections.
  • File Transfer Acceleration
    Enables high-volume transfer over high-speed networks.
  • Delegated administration
    Consolidates file transfer requirements and distributes administrative tasks by business unit and function.

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