Webinar – Business-Class File Sharing

Business-class File Sharing – Can you balance end-user simplicity with IT control?

What happens when employees go around IT to use their own Dropbox, webmail and USB drives to send company information? This phenomenon has become the norm when it comes to the tools people are using to send and share files in the workplace. Employees want simplicity and convenience. IT wants security and control.

On April 25th at 4:00 pm, join us for a 29 minute, rapid-fire discussion, where industry experts Michael Osterman and Ipswitch’s David Boone candidly discuss the issues:

  • Typical Tools – What are the products employees are bringing with them to work?
  • What are the risks of relying on personal file sharing tools in the workplace?
  • How can I balance the need of the individual with the requirements of the organisation?
  • Top 3 things to look for in an easy-to-use and governed business-class file sharing solution?

If you manage a corporate IT environment, you need to know your options including the benefits, the risks, the consequences and the alternatives. Bring your questions. Challenge the experts. Learn how to regain control. And enjoy the conversation.

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