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Webinar – Prepare for The Future of Managed File Transfer

Webinar – Prepare for The Future of Managed File Transfer

Event Type: Live Webinar
Event Date: Thursday 29th June 2016
Event Time: 4PM – 4.30PM

You didn’t mean for it to happen, but your company has for years deployed multiple disparate managed file transfer solutions to support its daily B2B and A2A processes, as well as the various other systems that enable reliable data transformation, certificate management, and multi-protocol communications.

Integrating current data requirements already is overwhelming, but also juggling newly emerging integration use cases, including ground-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, big data ingestion, large file transfer, data transformation, and high-speed data transfer protocols? That’s something else entirely.

Webinar Presenters

FKFrank Kenny – Independent MFT Guru and Industry Expert

A former Gartner analyst with more than 15 years experience, Frank Kenny is an expert on managed file transfer and critical business information integration, leading MFT strategy in a variety of executive-level roles.

jtJohn Thielens – 
Chief Technology Officer, Cleo

With more than 30 years of experience in software development, John is responsible for crafting technology strategy, and innovation, and architecting enterprise integration solutions to solve complex integration challenges.

Get advice on modernising and prepping for the future of managed file transfer.

Webinar – Move Big Data up to 100 Times Faster

Webinar – Move Big Data up to 100 Times Faster


Event Type: Live Webinar
Event Date: Thursday 28th April 2016
Event Time: 10AM – 10.30AM


IBM Aspera Customers have experienced;
  • 20 x reduction in process times – a customer transfer was reduced from 10 hours to 26 minutes
  • 97% increase in network utilisation from 2% to 99%
  • 4x reduction in process turnaround – a media customer reduced their process turnaround from 6 to 1.5 days

So Join Pro2col and IBM for a short webinar to see how Aspera moves big data up to 100s of times faster.

This webinar will cover how IBM Aspera:
  • Globally moves data over standard wide area networks
  • Achieve multi-Gbps speeds over high performance global networks
  • Securely move and access big data – from ANY LOCATION, to ANYWHERE and with ANYONE
  • Provide enterprise-grade user access controls and encryption
  • Utilise ANY infrastructure combination – On Premises, AWS, Google, Azure, SoftLayer

Globalscape Webinar – Top Four Ways that MFT Benefits Healthcare Organisations

Globalscape Webinar – Top Four Ways that MFT Benefits Healthcare Organisations

Organisations within the healthcare industry face intense scrutiny from regulators and consumers in today’s modern data landscape. Given the high premium placed on patients’ medical records, hackers and cybercriminals are looking for any and every vulnerability to exploitThrough a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution, IT professionals within the healthcare industry can gain the advantage.

Join us on this webinar for a strategic insight that you can apply to your healthcare organisation today!

Webinar Overview

The healthcare industry faces the immense challenge of preventing continuous data breaches from attempts by hackers or through human error. While the prevention of data breaches continues to be a priority for any IT professional managing the network and data of a healthcare organisation, ensuring operational efficiency and productivity is equally important.

A managed file transfer (MFT) solution can help an IT professional implement a data management strategy that includes a focus on efficiency, reliability, security, and compliance for all data activity.

You’ll leave this webinar with:

  • Current healthcare industry challenges with data movement
  • The top four ways that a healthcare organisation can benefit from a MFT solution
  • How Globalscape supports the healthcare industry

Event Type: Live Webinar

Event Date: Wednesday 21st January – 1200Hrs CST

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Globalscape Webinar – Maximising your MFT Solution

Globalscape Webinar – Maximising your MFT Solution

Is your MFT Solution keeping you up at night?

When it comes to managed file transfer (MFT), the success of your operation hinges on maximising productivity and security, while maintaining compliance — anything less undermines your ROI.

It’s imperative to choose a solution that meets your unique business and industry needs while delivering superior value and performance.

On this webinar we’ll go through:

  • Is Your Existing Managed File Transfer Solution Falling Flat?
  • 6 Things to Consider When Evaluating a New Solution
  • The Globalscape Difference

Event Type: Live Webinar

Event Date: Wednesday 26th August – 1500Hrs CST


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Webinar – Introducing Aspera Files

Webinar – Introducing Aspera Files

Large Data Sharing and Collaboration in the Cloud

Aspera Files is a new SaaS platform that allows any organisation, small to large, to establish a branded web presence for the fast, easy and secure exchange and delivery of any size file based media or data between end users across separate organisations, combining multiple storage platforms. Data can be stored and easily accessed in multiple cloud and on-premise storage systems and sharing between users and trusted organisations is as easy as drag-and-drop regardless of where the content is located.

In this webinar Aspera demonstrate how Aspera Files enables you to:

  • Easily establish a web presence with branded “Organisations” and “Workspaces”
  • Quickly ingest, share and exchange ultra large files
  • Store, access and deliver content seamlessly across multiple cloud and on premises storage systems
  • Assemble digital delivery packages from any source including local, remote, cloud and on premises locations transparently via simple drag and drop
  • Maintain complete security of content within the organisation, while sharing with its 3rd party partners, and with peered organisations
aspera-munson-230x267 Speaker: Michelle Munson, President, CEO & Co-Founder

Event Type: Live Webinar

Event Date: Wednesday 13th May – 1600Hrs GMT

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Go Anywhere Webinar – On Premise Alternative to File Sharing and Collaboration

Go Anywhere Webinar – On Premise Alternative to File Sharing and Collaboration


On-premise Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) is a secure document storage solution that puts IT administrators back in control.

– Are you tired of paying high subscription fees for third-party storage services?
– Are you sending sensitive file attachments through email and cloud storage (i.e., Dropbox)?
– Are you looking for an alternative to regulating file sharing through policy enforcement?

Join this FREE webinar and learn about:

Secure File Sharing

  • Advantages of storing data on-premise
  • End-to-end encryption of sensitive files
  • Audit logs and detailed reporting
  • Managing users, security settings and shared folders
  • Device authorization and remote wipe


  • Drag and drop upload with thumbnail previews
  • Simple file and folder sharing between users
  • User monitoring and management of file and folder access
  • File versioning and recycle bin for recovery by users

Benefits over Cloud

  • Unlimited storage scalability
  • No subscription fees
  • We’ll show you how easy it can be to utilise an on-premise EFSS solution in your organisation.
Featured Speakers:


Bob Luebbe
Chief Architect




Steve Luebbe
Software Development Manager

Event Type: Live Webinar
Event Date: Thursday 26th March – 1200Hrs CET

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