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South River Technologies’ Cornerstone MFT and DMZedge Servers Support Latest Security Standards

South River Technologies’ Cornerstone MFT and DMZedge Servers Support Latest Security Standards

South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT) have announced today that versions 2016 of the popular Cornerstone MFT Server and DMZedge Server now include even more advanced security updates.

The latest version of Cornerstone’s SSH/SFTP engine now has upgraded support for SHA2 and SHA3 Hashing (the newest security standard recently adopted by NSA). SRT is the only MFT vendor currently supporting the SHA3/Keccak standard.

In addition, this version now features Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithms for group1-sha256 and group14-sha256, advanced methods of digital encryption that allow for the secure exchange of cryptographic keys over a public channel.

These advanced security features allow users to stay proactive and ahead of security issues instead of being reactive, once a security standard has been compromised. These features also ensure that Cornerstone and DMZedge remain the most secure file sharing solutions available.

“As an MFT vendor, our philosophy is to stay ahead of commonly accepted security standards, rapidly adopting the most recently approved standards, customers should never find themselves suddenly vulnerable because an encryption technology has been compromised, and then have to wait for their vendor to catch up.”

Michael Ryan, CEO, South River Technologies

Cornerstone MFT Servers are installed in government, healthcare, financial services and major corporations worldwide. The 2016 versions of Cornerstone MFT Server and DMZedge Server are available for immediate purchase, please contact us on 0207 118 9640 or info@pro2colgroup.

SRT’s WebDrive File Access Client Now Features SharePoint Online Connector

SRT’s WebDrive File Access Client Now Features SharePoint Online Connector

drive-map-mac2South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT), announced last week that they have added a connector for SharePoint Online to their popular file access client, WebDrive 2016. WebDrive is the productivity tool for file access, creating a single interface to all of your cloud and corporate servers without the resource drain of syncing all of your files. WebDrive reduces technical support burden, enables secure access and improves productivity.

The new connector was created in response to the increasing popularity of SharePoint Online and Office365. As businesses continue to recognise and to leverage the benefits of cloud implementation, the need to seamlessly integrate cloud and desktop functionality persists. WebDrive enables users of SharePoint Online and other cloud services to access cloud files through their desktop applications.

“Business users want the cost savings of a cloud implementation with the capabilities of local desktop applications,”   says Michael Ryan, CEO of South River Technologies.   “Implementing cloud solutions needs to be minimally disruptive to the way that users do business. WebDrive, used with SharePoint Online, enhances user productivity and reduces training and support, while providing the desired cost benefits.”

For more information regarding WebDrive 2016 and a full-function free trial, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0207 118 9640.

WebDrive connects to many types of web servers and cloud services. You can use WebDrive to access your files on all of the following server types and protocols:

  • FTP
  • FTP over SSL
  • WebDAV
  • WebDAV over SSL
  • SFTP
  • SharePoint
  • Box
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • OneDrive
  • OneDrive for Business

About South River Technologies & WebDrive
South River Technologies, or SRT, is an innovator in secure file management software. The company’s software allows users to access, manage, and share files over the internet in order to automate and streamline business processes and to improve productivity. SRT pioneered the internet drive mapping technology used in WebDrive, which enhances customers’ existing applications. Customers in 140 countries use SRT’s software to make remote file access and collaboration more efficient for their customers, partners, and distributed workforce.

Cleo 5.3 Released Providing Greater Enterprise Functionality

Cleo 5.3 Released Providing Greater Enterprise Functionality

Cleo have announced the general release of Cleo VersaLex 5.3, which powers the Cleo Lexicom®, Cleo VL Trader® and Cleo Harmony® secure integration solutions, the Cleo Jetsonic™ extreme file transfer solution and the Cleo Trust™ and Cleo Unity™ secure file sharing solutions.


This release of Cleo VersaLex 5.3 includes:


  • Cleo Jetsonic – the high-speed, secure file transfer protocol, used across the Cleo product line has had the following enhancements. The thread management has been enhanced to allow you to send combinations of files of mixed sizes. And the protocol can now support metadata customisation. For example, in addition to files being transferred, you can use the metadata to carry information (such as the file’s original location, size and modification time) to implement extended use cases, like replication.
  • The incorporation of an extensive set of REST-based APIs, allowing easy integration between Cleo Harmony or Cleo VL Trader and provisioning or operational systems regardless of implementation and topology.
  • Cleo Harmony and Cleo VLTrader can schedule actions to run based on when certain event triggers occur, triggering actions based on when a file immediately arrives in an inbox or when the user ends the session and logs off. This extra control and precision provided by the event triggers eliminates unnecessary overhead created by constantly polling your inboxes and files.
  • An action in Cleo Harmony can now be either a Commands action or a JavaScript action. Not to be confused with the existing SCRIPT command, the new JavaScript action capability allows an action to be entirely authored in JavaScript rather than sequential VersaLex commands. JavaScript actions can be scheduled to run periodically or using the new event triggers.
  • The new Cleo Portal, a modern HTML5 interface, provides the ability to manage the exchange of large files between enterprise staff, external entities, and among people sending updates to a system.
  • Cleo VLTrader and Cleo Harmony introduces a new Users group that allows you to provision individual user accounts to have access to FTP, SFTP, and HTTP with the same credentials, giving your customers an easy choice between which protocols they want to use. HTTP access is through the new Cleo Portal, which also gives access to detailed information about files transferred through any of the protocols.
  • In Cleo Harmony and Cleo VLTrader, you can now use time zones when scheduling actions. For example, you could set a job to run at 6pm in the US without needing to work out the Timezone offset or worrying about changing this during daylight savings.
  • You can now deploy the Cleo Unify product along with Cleo Harmony or Cleo VLTrader as a single installation. Cleo Harmony or Cleo VLTrader installations can have Cleo Unify enabled with a simple license key change provided they have a database configured, and Cleo Unify installations can similarly enable Cleo Harmony or Cleo VLTrader functionality via license key.

“Speed and reliability of data movement and integration are more of a concern every day for companies exchanging mission-critical files, especially in high-volume business operations. This set of product releases further enables the Cleo Integration Suite to speed business execution while at the same time enabling those businesses to become more nimble and agile as they move and integrate their critical data flows.”

Joe Dupree, VP Marketing, Cleo

Cleo VersaLex 5.3 is available to all Cleo Lexicom, Cleo VL Trader and Cleo Harmony customers under current support. Software updates are sent to Cleo customers directly through the software.

For more information on the new features, or if you require a demo, please do not hesitate to contact our team of managed file transfer consultants on 020 7118 9640.

South River Technologies Release Cornerstone MFT Server 2016

South River Technologies Release Cornerstone MFT Server 2016

South River Technologies have announced the release of Cornerstone MFT Server Version 2016, the release includes strong security enhancements as well as a new support structure.

Cornerstone’s latest security features ensure that users stay ahead of any security issues. This version features SHA3 hashing, the newest security standard recently adopted by NSA. South River Technologies are the only MFT vendor currently supporting this standard.

“SRT continues to be committed to exceeding industry standards for security. Just offering industry standard is not enough. It’s important that security software vendors stay current with the newest standards so that customers are not left vulnerable while vendors catch up.”

Michael Ryan

CEO, South River Technologies

Cornerstone Logo_SpaceThe 2016 release also includes expanded automation capabilities, with enhancements around the Event Management System.

Cornerstone Version 2016 also now offers upgrades for the life of the version and additional technical support services; including UK based support contacts. This new support and update system provides greater flexibility and more support options.

Find out more and watch a quick video about Cornerstone MFT Server here.

If you have any queries with regards to your existing support and maintenance agreement, need assistance upgrading or would like pricing, please do not hesitate to contact the Pro2col team on 0207 118 9640.

Ipswitch Analytics 2.0 & MOVEit DMZ 8.3 Released

Ipswitch Analytics 2.0 & MOVEit DMZ 8.3 Released

Ipswitch File Transfer released both Ipswitch Analytics version 2.0 and MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) version 8.3, below is a brief overview of the feature enhancements.


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 17.32.31Ipswitch Analytics 2.0 Includes;

  • New visualisation capabilities for faster insights through dynamic charts and graphs. (Pie Charts, bar charts or time series charts available.)
  • The management of MOVEit Central’s automated activities has been improved by pre-defined task groups.
  • New platform updates improve security, performance and compliance.

Find out more about Ipswitch Analytics here.


MI-SMLMOVEit DMZ 8.3 Includes;

  • New java script wizard for all the browsers makes uploading and downloading files much easier and more secure.
  • A new ‘recent download’ link on the home page that lists all recent downloads.
  • Improved the Ad Hoc Transfer Plug-In by adding support for Outlook 2016

Find out more about MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) here.


If you need any additional information, assistance upgrading or would like an evaluation, get in touch today with Pro2col on 0207 118 9640.

Linoma Software Release GoAnywhere MFT v5.2

Linoma Software Release GoAnywhere MFT v5.2

Linoma have announced the release of GoAnywhere MFT v5.2, a major release, packed with new features and functionality, and fully beta tested.


Two brand new features;

  • GoFast™ – a new file transfer acceleration protocol, which not only improves speed of transfers but deliverability too
  • Domains – Segregation of the solution, which allows different departments to access different files and workflows

Highlights of some of the other feature updates include;

  • Support for Amazon S3 Buckets and WebDAV resources that can be used as file storage for trading partners and workflows.
  • Support for popular SMS gateways and SMNP servers to make it easier to automate alerts and notifications.
  • Project revision history tracking that allows you to restore workflows to previous versions.
  • RSA RADIUS Login methods with Two-Factor-Authentication using key fobs or token apps.
  • Additional logs and change history to track administrator user activity on the system.
  • Updated UI, including change detection features

Take a look at the video:

GoFast™ File Transfer Acceleration Protocol uses multiple UDP channels to accelerate the movement of files between servers. This acceleration is especially useful for moving large files, including videos and backup sets, across the internet or wide area networks (WANs). Options are provided in GoFast to protect confidential transfers with strong AES-256 encryption, as well as compress transmissions to minimise bandwidth requirements. Since GoFast is a feature within the GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer solution, it takes full advantage of the available automation, auditing and reporting capabilities in the product.  GoFast features include:

  • Uses standard SSL/TLS encryption to protect the control channel between the client and server.
  • Optional Zlib compression is available for file compression.
  • GA-GoFast-Logo-250Strong AES encryption with up to 256 bit keys is available to protect data in transit.
  • File checksums support for integrity verification.
  • Generates full audit trails of all files transferred

GoFast™ is an optional licensed module, please contact the team for more details and pricing on 0207 118 9640.

Domains can be used to segregate GoAnywhere MFT into multiple security zones where authorised users can only work with trading partners, workflows and logs belonging to their assigned domains.  This functionality benefits businesses that need to share a single installation of GoAnywhere with multiple departments, while maintaining separation of administrative access. Each domain can be locked into certain network folders to prevent unauthorised access by other administrators.  Domains features include:

  • Specific admin users and groups can be authorized to one or more Domains.
  • Domains can be locked into specific folders on the file system. This prevents admin users from accessing files/folders outside of their assigned Domains.
  • Admin users can quickly switch between their assigned Domains.
  • Items can be moved between assigned Domains, such as Users, Groups, Project and Resources.

By default each installation will be provided with 2 domains at no charge, additional domains can be purchased as necessary.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Pro2col Team on 0207 118 9640 if you need any assistance upgrading, evaluating or if you require pricing.