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Cleo 5.3 Released Providing Greater Enterprise Functionality

Cleo 5.3 Released Providing Greater Enterprise Functionality

Cleo have announced the general release of Cleo VersaLex 5.3, which powers the Cleo Lexicom®, Cleo VL Trader® and Cleo Harmony® secure integration solutions, the Cleo Jetsonic™ extreme file transfer solution and the Cleo Trust™ and Cleo Unity™ secure file sharing solutions.


This release of Cleo VersaLex 5.3 includes:


  • Cleo Jetsonic – the high-speed, secure file transfer protocol, used across the Cleo product line has had the following enhancements. The thread management has been enhanced to allow you to send combinations of files of mixed sizes. And the protocol can now support metadata customisation. For example, in addition to files being transferred, you can use the metadata to carry information (such as the file’s original location, size and modification time) to implement extended use cases, like replication.
  • The incorporation of an extensive set of REST-based APIs, allowing easy integration between Cleo Harmony or Cleo VL Trader and provisioning or operational systems regardless of implementation and topology.
  • Cleo Harmony and Cleo VLTrader can schedule actions to run based on when certain event triggers occur, triggering actions based on when a file immediately arrives in an inbox or when the user ends the session and logs off. This extra control and precision provided by the event triggers eliminates unnecessary overhead created by constantly polling your inboxes and files.
  • An action in Cleo Harmony can now be either a Commands action or a JavaScript action. Not to be confused with the existing SCRIPT command, the new JavaScript action capability allows an action to be entirely authored in JavaScript rather than sequential VersaLex commands. JavaScript actions can be scheduled to run periodically or using the new event triggers.
  • The new Cleo Portal, a modern HTML5 interface, provides the ability to manage the exchange of large files between enterprise staff, external entities, and among people sending updates to a system.
  • Cleo VLTrader and Cleo Harmony introduces a new Users group that allows you to provision individual user accounts to have access to FTP, SFTP, and HTTP with the same credentials, giving your customers an easy choice between which protocols they want to use. HTTP access is through the new Cleo Portal, which also gives access to detailed information about files transferred through any of the protocols.
  • In Cleo Harmony and Cleo VLTrader, you can now use time zones when scheduling actions. For example, you could set a job to run at 6pm in the US without needing to work out the Timezone offset or worrying about changing this during daylight savings.
  • You can now deploy the Cleo Unify product along with Cleo Harmony or Cleo VLTrader as a single installation. Cleo Harmony or Cleo VLTrader installations can have Cleo Unify enabled with a simple license key change provided they have a database configured, and Cleo Unify installations can similarly enable Cleo Harmony or Cleo VLTrader functionality via license key.

“Speed and reliability of data movement and integration are more of a concern every day for companies exchanging mission-critical files, especially in high-volume business operations. This set of product releases further enables the Cleo Integration Suite to speed business execution while at the same time enabling those businesses to become more nimble and agile as they move and integrate their critical data flows.”

Joe Dupree, VP Marketing, Cleo

Cleo VersaLex 5.3 is available to all Cleo Lexicom, Cleo VL Trader and Cleo Harmony customers under current support. Software updates are sent to Cleo customers directly through the software.

For more information on the new features, or if you require a demo, please do not hesitate to contact our team of managed file transfer consultants on 020 7118 9640.

Cleo Completes Drummond Group’s AS2 and Optional Testing Recertification

Cleo Completes Drummond Group’s AS2 and Optional Testing Recertification

Cleo, have announced that it has successfully completed Drummond Group’s AS2 interoperability testing in the third quarter of 2015.

Cleo_move-view-actThis round of testing certifies versions 5.2 of Cleo’s secure data integration product family, including Cleo Harmony®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® products. Out of the 20 products from 13 global software companies that were Drummond Certified in this test event, Cleo was one of just two companies to also pass all optional certification tests for AS2.

AS2_3Q15_DrummondCertified_seal-300x169Optional tests include multiple attachments (MA), certificate exchange messaging (CEM), file name preservation (FN), file name preservation for multiple attachments (FN-MA), file name preservation with MDN notification (FN-MDN), chunked transfer encoding (CTE), reliability, restart, and secure hashing algorithm 2 (SHA-2).

For more information on Drummond Group’s interoperability testing, visit

“Cleo’s commitment to being the gold standard in business data integration is once again proven by its tireless support of AS2, one of the most popular – and most mandated – communication protocols on the market. The extra effort needed to successfully recertify every optional AS2 test speaks volumes about Cleo’s commitment to our leading product portfolio and securely, reliably connecting any business data ecosystem.”

Joe Dupree

Vice President of Marketing, Cleo

“There continues to be growth and adoption of AS2 in different industries and countries. To meet this growth, ongoing interoperability testing remains a critical step for newly introduced and updated versions of products entering the marketplace. AS2 certified products will continue to provide a wide selection of compliant and interoperable AS2 products that meet the requirements of small, medium and large global businesses.”

Aaron Gomez

Chief Scientist and Director of B2B Testing, Drummond Group

Connect:Enterprise Sunset Phase – It’s Time to Switch

Connect:Enterprise Sunset Phase – It’s Time to Switch


The announced product retirement of Sterling Connect:Enterprise by IBM is not a trivial problem for organisations around the world whose critical business data run through the soon-to-be unsupported system. But this forced change does create an opportunity for users to make a switch to more advanced technology that provides better service, better scale to meet future requirements, and easier use and operation.

Evaluating alternatives and planning your migration should be top of mind now, since typical migrations to similar technology offered by vendors who emphasize consulting services can take three to 12 months or longer depending upon the number of trading partner connections and implementation complexity.

Replacing Connect:Enterprise

End of life for Connect:Enterprise is April 2016. That is when IBM will stop supporting the system that’s running your critical B2B processes. And the monetary and productivity costs of trying to maintain the current deployment past its end-of-life date could escalate dramatically.

As you look to be more agile and stay ahead of competition, and this product sunset presents an opportunity to deliver exponential value to a business. A more current secure B2B data integration solution should offer:

  • A fresh capability set that doesn’t just maintain current capabilities, but meets them with easier ongoing operation and enhances productivity.
  • An easy-to-use single-platform comprehensive solution, one that doesn’t require “add-ons” for basic functionality.
  • A product that doesn’t require an army of consultants to install and implement, and subsequently operate to support your current business processes and new B2B integration requirements.

Considerations for Replacing Connect:Enterprise

The migration of each and every communications process being used by this end-of-life product can be a daunting project. Here are a few questions to consider as the sunset date looms on such a key piece of business technology:

  • How much does the software cost, and how much time and money will the migration cost? What will the additional cost of consultants cost you in the short and long term?
  • Will you get a full set of capabilities that are available in your current secure data integration products?
  • Is the recommended replacement product marketed under one “product name” actually numerous separate technologies that are bolted-together? And have all of these technologies been kept up to date with contemporary enterprise connectivity, security, and scalability requirements?
  • Will the service-heavy transition make you potentially miss the migration date and lose support?
  • Will you have to rewrite all of your custom scripts or redo the processes in a whole new format? Will the resulting integration solution be fragile in its reliability?
  • When hundreds of hours of training are required for to achieve user “ease of use,” is the solution really easy to use?

Choose a next-generation data integration solution

An organisation making this change should implement a secure data integration platform that was built for the modern agile enterprise and powers some of the largest production operations environments in the world. With that said, businesses should:

  • Lever experience from a company with experience replacing Connect:Enterprise
  • Receive the built-in capabilities necessary to administer, monitor, route, and transform increasing volumes of inbound and outbound data
  • Support current scripts that they built specifically for Connect:Enterprise
  • Take advantage of more than 18 communication protocols to meet current and future needs
  • Create new processes with an easy-to-use configuration engine
  • Eliminate the army of consultants
  • Easily scale and process more than 1 million messages an hour

About Cleo

With nearly 40 years of experience and more than 100,000 proven and tested installations worldwide, Cleo offers enterprise data integration software solutions that are exceptionally easy to install and use. Cleo managed file transfer and enterprise-grade data integration solutions can help provide the adaptability you need to support current and future growth opportunities by enabling a long-term, sustainable infrastructure for both enterprise and multi-enterprise integration. Whether connecting to internal systems including ERP, legacy EDI, ESB, internal applications, or various external trading communities, this solution provides the management, security, visibility, and control required to ensure that your business is always ready and able to handle new requirements. For more information, visit

About the author

Joe Dupree leads marketing for Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise data integration and managed file transfer software solutions.

Cleo release VersaLex 5.2; latest releases of Lexicom, VLTrader and Harmony

Cleo release VersaLex 5.2; latest releases of Lexicom, VLTrader and Harmony

Cleo_Space LogoCleo, proudly announces the release of Cleo VersaLex® 5.2, which includes the Cleo LexiCom®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo Harmony secure data integration solutions, and version 2.3 of its Cleo Trust and Cleo Unify secure file sharing solutions.

Cleo VersaLex v5.2

This version includes enhanced security features for the Cleo VersaLex-based product family, which includes Cleo LexiCom, Cleo VLTrader, and Cleo Harmony, as well as a new administrator user interface. Some of our new features include:

  • New User Experience: The Web Admin UI has been updated to match other Cleo Web offerings. (Available with Cleo LexiCom, Cleo VLTrader and Cleo Harmony)
  • Enhanced Security: Additions provide enterprise-level protection for the most security-conscious organization. (Available with Cleo LexiCom, Cleo VLTrader and Cleo Harmony)
  • Cleo Jetsonic: This extreme file transfer protocol provides accelerated file transmission without network-imposed speed limitations to move large files many times faster than other available methods. (Available as an add-on for use with Cleo VLTrader and Cleo Harmony. Requires additional licensing.)
  • Dynamic and Static IP Blacklisting: Specify a list of IP addresses from which users cannot log in. (Available with Cleo Harmony)
  • Expanded Logging Updates: Track log-in and transfer errors, certificate expirations, and more. (Available with Cleo Harmony)
  • SNMP Improvements: Expanded SNMP event notifications designed to track connectivity with your trading partners. (Available with Cleo Harmony)

Find the Cleo VersaLex Release Notes here.

Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust v2.3

Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust, also built on our Cleo VersaLex framework, are the best enterprise-grade secure file sharing solutions on the market. In addition to advanced mobile performance and navigation, some productivity enhancements users will see in version 2.3 include:

  • Advanced Search: Enhanced search functionality to more quickly find what you need.
  • Message Notification Enhancements: Email digest capability for more organized notifications.
  • File Filtering: Configure sorting by file type, attachment, and more.
  • Mobile Support: Applications of Android and iOS can now be found in the respective stores.

Find the Cleo Unify/Cleo Trust Release Notes here.

Cleo Introduces Its High-Speed Data Transfer Solution, Cleo Jetsonic™

Cleo Introduces Its High-Speed Data Transfer Solution, Cleo Jetsonic™

Cleo, a leading provider of enterprise data integration solutions, in keeping with Cleo’s leadership, innovation, and deep expertise in moving the world’s business data, proudly announces the release of its state-of-the-art high-speed transfer solution, Cleo Jetsonic. This cutting-edge high-speed data transfer solution addresses a growing need for fast, reliable large-file delivery and acknowledgements, which keep companies competitive in a modern business world thriving in more digitised business processes. Cleo Jetsonic, a complementary part of Cleo’s secure data integration portfolio, is the easy solution that optimises existing infrastructure to move extremely large files and move them quickly. With Cleo Jetsonic, customers receive:

  • Exponentially faster delivery than other technology alternatives
  • Successful data delivery every time
  • High-end encryption for advanced security
  • Data integrity checks
  • Automatic check point restart

rajasekharan-mahesh“As data volumes and file sizes increase, completing timely business-critical transfers becomes an increasingly real challenge for every industry,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Cleo. “There is an unmet need in the marketplace to move large amounts of data rapidly, and Cleo Jetsonic arms our customers with the secure, lightning-fast data delivery the business world demands to improve business velocity and competitiveness, as well as reduce operational risk.”   dupree-joe“The modern ecosystem lives and dies by even a split-second edge, and delays in any business process are unacceptable signs of weakness,” said Joe Dupree, Cleo’s vice president of marketing. “Cleo Jetsonic was designed to deliver information faster than anything else on the market. It represents Cleo’s continued innovation and leadership in secure and reliable data movement.” Cleo Jetsonic_

The Cleo LexiCom 5 for 3 Promotion is Here!

The Cleo LexiCom 5 for 3 Promotion is Here!

Special-OfferNow through to December 31st 2014, Cleo is giving customers who purchase 3 Cleo Lexicom hosts 2 additional hosts for FREE!

That’s 5 total connections for the price of 3 – 40% savings!

There is no limit to the amount of additional hosts you can purchase under this promotion.
Cleo_move-view-actThe Cleo Lexicom secure file transfer client, one of the most popular choices for AS2 and other advanced communications, enables organisations to quickly connect to trading partners and features:

  • Secure multi-protocol communications for the client
  • Drummond-certified protocols
  • More than 800 preconfigured connections
  • Flexible integrations options
  • Comprehensive file transfer logging

Contact Pro2col today to take advantage of this great offer.