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Ipswitch Analytics 2.0 & MOVEit DMZ 8.3 Released

Ipswitch Analytics 2.0 & MOVEit DMZ 8.3 Released

Ipswitch File Transfer released both Ipswitch Analytics version 2.0 and MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) version 8.3, below is a brief overview of the feature enhancements.


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 17.32.31Ipswitch Analytics 2.0 Includes;

  • New visualisation capabilities for faster insights through dynamic charts and graphs. (Pie Charts, bar charts or time series charts available.)
  • The management of MOVEit Central’s automated activities has been improved by pre-defined task groups.
  • New platform updates improve security, performance and compliance.

Find out more about Ipswitch Analytics here.


MI-SMLMOVEit DMZ 8.3 Includes;

  • New java script wizard for all the browsers makes uploading and downloading files much easier and more secure.
  • A new ‘recent download’ link on the home page that lists all recent downloads.
  • Improved the Ad Hoc Transfer Plug-In by adding support for Outlook 2016

Find out more about MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) here.


If you need any additional information, assistance upgrading or would like an evaluation, get in touch today with Pro2col on 0207 118 9640.

WhatsUp Gold V16.4 is now available

WhatsUp Gold V16.4 is now available

Unified IT Infrastructure & Applications Monitoring Software

Ipswitch have now released WhatsUp Gold 16.4, the newest version of its industry-leading unified infrastructure and application monitoring software.

WhatsUp Gold 16.4 extends IT team visibility and control to include Linux and Java-based applications, new networked services, and expanded virtual environments. These new capabilities enhance the ability of IT teams to find and fix problems before end users are impacted. Additionally, customers will benefit from a simplified, more-for-less pricing model for Ipswitch’s Application Performance Monitoring designed to provide customers easy and flexible licensing with no surprises – price is based on the number of applications and not on the number of components.

New features in Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 16.4 include:

  • Extended Visibility into More Applications: New Application Performance Management (APM) profiles for critical apps running on Microsoft, Linux and Java environments
  • New Infrastructure Monitoring Capabilities: New monitors for Java applications, vSphere 6, Ping Jitter and SSL certificates
  • Improved Network Flow Monitoring: Sorting and reporting using end-point interface filters
  • Simplified User Experience: Easier administration of AD/LDAP environments with more than 1,000 groups and further automation of configuration tasks
  • More Customer Friendly APM Licensing: Ipswitch extends the industry’s most cost-effective pricing model to include its APM offering – with WhatsUp Gold, IT teams just buy what they need based on how many applications will be monitored. Unlike other APM products, no understanding of how many elements or components each application contains is required

A recent survey by Ipswitch that polled 2,685 IT professionals around the world indicated that the top challenges holding IT teams back in 2016 fell into eight distinct categories, with network and application performance monitoring (19 percent), new technology updates and deployments (14 percent) and time, budget and resource constraints (10 percent) among the top responses. In developing WhatsUp Gold 16.4, the Ipswitch team aimed to alleviate these pressures from IT teams by addressing these key obstacles with its new and improved product.

For more information about WhatsUp Gold, to arrange a demo or get pricing, please do not hesitate to contact Pro2col on 0333 123 1240.

Ipswitch Release MOVEit DMZ 8.2

Ipswitch Release MOVEit DMZ 8.2

Including the release of Ad Hoc Transfer Plug-in for Outlook 2.5 and MOVEit Mobile 1.2.2.


MOVEit 8.2 is a major release that introduces:

  • Productivity improvements including shared mailboxes, available on web, outlook and mobile
  • Security and performance improvements / bug fixes
  • Software updates: SQL Server 2014, MySQL and Mobile

New Feature: Shared Mailboxes

The Shared Mailbox feature lets multiple users/groups view and manage packages from a single mailbox. Users/groups who have access to a shared mailbox can view, send, and reply to packages in the shared mailbox using their own user account. Administrators can share access to a mailbox to receive packages in a central location that is accessible to multiple users/groups, or to let a user perform package actions on behalf of another user.
Mobile 1.2.2 and Outlook Plug-in 2.5 support the new Shared Mailbox feature.

My Mailboxes appears at the top of the page as usual, followed by Mailboxes for each mailbox shared with the signed-in user. In the figure, UserThree (the signed-in user) has access to shared mailboxes owned by UserOne and UserTwo:

My Mailboxes appears at the top of the page as usual, followed by Mailboxes for each mailbox shared with the signed-in user. In the figure, UserThree (the signed-in user) has access to shared mailboxes owned by UserOne and UserTwo:

How to upgrade?

The upgrade to MOVEit v.8.2 requires that you have a new license file. License keys from previous versions will no longer work. To get a new license file get in contact, or email info@pro2colgroup.com or call 0207 118 9640.

New Features Include:

  • A shared mailbox feature that lets multiple users/groups view and manage packages from a single mailbox
  • The ability to turn off log archival
  • The addition of new custom notification macros
  • The option to send a package automatically after uploading files
  • The option to hide SQL in report outputs
  • The ability to reactivate expired temp users when they receive a new package

Enhancements Include:

  • Support for MS SQL 2014
  • Upgrade of MySQL to version 5.5.44
  • Upgrade of the SSH server to support SHA256 and SHA512 hashes and SHA256 Diffie-Hellman key exchange
  • Update of MOVEit Mobile to use the latest Tomcat and OpenSSL
  • Update of Mobile TLS Cipher suites for Tomcat
  • Two new command-line silent install options for Ad Hoc Transfer Plug-in for Outlook.
  • The name of the failover solution is now Ipswitch Failover.

Ipswitch Failover 9.0 is now available

Ipswitch Failover 9.0 is now available

Ipswitch Failover 9.0 is part of the MOVEit Managed File Transfer Solution, delivering zero downtime, no data loss, and unified failover management by maximizing availability of MOVEit Managed File Transfer with automated failover.


Ipswitch Failover 9.0 enables you to:


  • Ensure reliable file transfers for 24/7 operations 

Unified failover management for MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) server, MOVEit Central, SQL Server and Windows file servers. Failover to secondary and tertiary servers maximises file transfer success. No single point of failure delivers 24/7 operations.

  • Safeguard against data loss for business continuity and compliance

Heartbeat communication between primary and failover servers ensures zero data loss in the event of failure. Failover within a single or to remote disaster recovery site within seconds to minutes.

  • Simplify and automate file transfer operations

Predictive and automated rules-based failover ensures continuous operations. Installed in as little as an hour for local failover. No additional hardware and software for loan balancing is required. Apply Windows updates on MOVEit MFT servers without downtime.

For more information or to set up a FREE 30 day evaluation please contact a member of the Pro2col Team on 0333 123 1240.