Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) Accredited Programme Launched in the UK


Pro2col has been appointed as the exclusive European partner to the Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) programme. The accredited CFTP training enables IT professionals to become experts in managed file transfer (MFT) technology and operations. Since the CFTP programme was introduced in 2014 it has been adopted by hundreds of managed file transfer professionals and organisations around the world.

“We’re delighted to be selected as the CFTP partner for Europe. Since it’s inception some 18 months ago the CFTP programme, developed by the CFTP Advisory Board, has matured into a world class course for IT professionals.
As managed file transfer specialists, we’re excited to be able to deliver this accredited programme to European professionals and organisations working with managed file transfer solutions.”
James Lewis
Managing Director, Pro2col Ltd

The Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) training programme is the only vendor independent, course globally. The CFTP programme prepares IT professionals to work with managed file transfer (MFT) software and operations.

The CFTP exam, process and study guide are certified by the CFTP Advisory Board, a group of experienced advisors with a wide range of managed file transfer and secure file transfer experience. The course covers encryption, FTP Protocols, Advanced Protocols including HTTP and ASx, File Sync and Share, and Automation.

The CFTP programme is appropriate for IT professionals with all levels of experience, that are responsible for managed file transfer technologies.

During the course you will learn how to evaluate, deploy, configure and maintain managed file transfer and secure file transfer technology such as:

  • FTP Servers, FTPS Servers and SFTP Servers
  • FTP Clients, FTPS Clients and SFTP Clients
  • Managed File Transfer Solutions
  • Automated File Transfers and File Transfer Scripting (e.g., FTP Scripts)
  • Web Transfer and Web Client Servers, Including WebDAV Servers
  • Accelerated File Transfer, Including “Extreme File Transfer” and UDP-Based Solutions
  • Ad Hoc File Sharing and File Synchronization Solutions

The European CFTP programme will commence with a London based 2-day accreditation course in February 2016, delivered from Pro2col’s central London office. The instructor-led course is limited to 20 spaces, and with a 50% discount on the RRP places are likely to go fast. To find out more about the course go to www.pro2col.com/cftp.

Check out the overview video below.

CFTP 50% OFF Training in London