Cleo successfully complete Drummond Retesting

Cleo, have announced that it has successfully completed Drummond Group’s AS2 interoperability testing in the third quarter of 2015.

Cleo_move-view-actThis round of testing certifies versions 5.2 of Cleo’s secure data integration product family, including Cleo Harmony®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo LexiCom® products. Out of the 20 products from 13 global software companies that were Drummond Certified in this test event, Cleo was one of just two companies to also pass all optional certification tests for AS2.

AS2_3Q15_DrummondCertified_seal-300x169Optional tests include multiple attachments (MA), certificate exchange messaging (CEM), file name preservation (FN), file name preservation for multiple attachments (FN-MA), file name preservation with MDN notification (FN-MDN), chunked transfer encoding (CTE), reliability, restart, and secure hashing algorithm 2 (SHA-2).

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“Cleo’s commitment to being the gold standard in business data integration is once again proven by its tireless support of AS2, one of the most popular – and most mandated – communication protocols on the market. The extra effort needed to successfully recertify every optional AS2 test speaks volumes about Cleo’s commitment to our leading product portfolio and securely, reliably connecting any business data ecosystem.”

Joe Dupree

Vice President of Marketing, Cleo

“There continues to be growth and adoption of AS2 in different industries and countries. To meet this growth, ongoing interoperability testing remains a critical step for newly introduced and updated versions of products entering the marketplace. AS2 certified products will continue to provide a wide selection of compliant and interoperable AS2 products that meet the requirements of small, medium and large global businesses.”

Aaron Gomez

Chief Scientist and Director of B2B Testing, Drummond Group