Cleo release VersaLex 5.2; latest releases of Lexicom, VLTrader and Harmony

Cleo_Space LogoCleo, proudly announces the release of Cleo VersaLex® 5.2, which includes the Cleo LexiCom®, Cleo VLTrader®, and Cleo Harmony secure data integration solutions, and version 2.3 of its Cleo Trust and Cleo Unify secure file sharing solutions.

Cleo VersaLex v5.2

This version includes enhanced security features for the Cleo VersaLex-based product family, which includes Cleo LexiCom, Cleo VLTrader, and Cleo Harmony, as well as a new administrator user interface. Some of our new features include:

  • New User Experience: The Web Admin UI has been updated to match other Cleo Web offerings. (Available with Cleo LexiCom, Cleo VLTrader and Cleo Harmony)
  • Enhanced Security: Additions provide enterprise-level protection for the most security-conscious organization. (Available with Cleo LexiCom, Cleo VLTrader and Cleo Harmony)
  • Cleo Jetsonic: This extreme file transfer protocol provides accelerated file transmission without network-imposed speed limitations to move large files many times faster than other available methods. (Available as an add-on for use with Cleo VLTrader and Cleo Harmony. Requires additional licensing.)
  • Dynamic and Static IP Blacklisting: Specify a list of IP addresses from which users cannot log in. (Available with Cleo Harmony)
  • Expanded Logging Updates: Track log-in and transfer errors, certificate expirations, and more. (Available with Cleo Harmony)
  • SNMP Improvements: Expanded SNMP event notifications designed to track connectivity with your trading partners. (Available with Cleo Harmony)

Find the Cleo VersaLex Release Notes here.

Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust v2.3

Cleo Unify and Cleo Trust, also built on our Cleo VersaLex framework, are the best enterprise-grade secure file sharing solutions on the market. In addition to advanced mobile performance and navigation, some productivity enhancements users will see in version 2.3 include:

  • Advanced Search: Enhanced search functionality to more quickly find what you need.
  • Message Notification Enhancements: Email digest capability for more organized notifications.
  • File Filtering: Configure sorting by file type, attachment, and more.
  • Mobile Support: Applications of Android and iOS can now be found in the respective stores.

Find the Cleo Unify/Cleo Trust Release Notes here.