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Managed File Transfer News

Secure online forms and automation

Online forms allow businesses to gather customer, supplier or internal user data securely and efficiently, removing manual processing and reducing human error. Fields are customisable and can be configured to automate follow-on business processes.

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The World Cup 2018: A file transfer use case

From sensitive player information to high definition live broadcasts; this article looks at how data transfer software is used in a football tournament like the World Cup 2018. This article is a file transfer use case.

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Driving business initiatives using MFT workflow automation

This Globalscape guest blog looks at how secure data transfer solutions can address your workflow automation requirements. It includes a use-case demonstrating how a large-scale pharmacy with nearly 800 retail locations and 7000 employees streamlined operations, issuing over 70 million prescriptions each year. Globalscape is a leading data transfer vendor working with Pro2col since 2010.

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Pro2col video

In our new company video, Pro2col Managing Director James Lewis takes you through the many ways businesses use Managed File Transfer (MFT) software, plus the range of Pro2col services to support your project.

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