Pro2col are independent experts in secure data transfer and file sharing. Since 2004, we have delivered technology, support and professional services to over 750 organisations from 30 different countries. Our technical consultants have worked across a wide range of industries and use cases, and have a deep knowledge of this technology. The Managed File Transfer blog aims to share this expertise with you. You will find technical tips, guest posts from the leading vendors, use-cases and other resources.

File transfer automation

Automated file transfers allow IT teams to schedule tasks around your file transfer needs and streamline business operations. Find out more in this guest blog from Ipswitch; a leading data transfer vendor working with Pro2col since 2009.

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Personal data in MFT GDPR compliant?

This blog post explains the key things you need to put in place to make sure personally identifiable data stored in your file transfer system complies with the GDPR. This post includes a handy four-point summary.

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Upgrade to EFT 7.4.5

EFT 7.4.5 is now available. This includes enhancements to existing modules and two new ones. This update explains what you need to do to upgrade.

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Distance no object for big data in the cloud

Steve Jones from IBM Cloud – Aspera explains trends in high-speed transport of big data in the cloud and why it is so important. This is the latest in our series of guest blog posts, each highlighting how a file transfer solution can add value to your organisation.

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Encryption at rest for GDPR

GDPR encryption at rest Welcome to the first in our series of blog posts about GDPR and data transfer. This article looks at one small part of processing under GDPR – data at rest during a file transfer, and how it is protected.

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Visibility issues of personal data movement

GDPR Compliance This guest blog post from Danielle Cussen demonstrates how Wizuda’s GDPR-tailored features simplify IT’s task of demonstrating compliance. Danielle, who’s Managing Director at Wizuda, takes us through impact assessment and reporting features.

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GDPR-compliant file transfers

GDPR Compliance Soon GDPR-compliant file transfers will be an essential process in your business. Find out why it should be one of your first steps towards GDPR compliance, and how to put it into place.

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Are You A File Transfer Solution Administrator?

Certified File Transfer ProfessionalDo you need to increase your base knowledge of secure file transfer technologies? Our vendor independent, certified course is Internationally recognised, helping IT professionals to better configure systems, secure communications and on-board trading partners.

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File Transfer Enables Formula 1 Teams To Go Even Faster

grand-prix_smallThe world of Formula 1 (F1) racing is one of high speeds, high stakes and leading edge technology. Data plays a key part in F1. Each car has hundreds of sensors monitoring every aspect of the car, generating data on fuel load, tyre temperature, brake performance and much, much more.

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