New Coviant Diplomat MFT version 6.1 release

Diplomat MFT v6.1 – Delivers enhanced security and productivity features.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer v6.1 enhances data, file transfer and application security by:

  • Enabling a broader selection of both signature and hash algorithms when creating new OpenPGP keys
  • Extending the choice of algorithms when authenticating and transferring data to or from SFTP and FTPS servers
  • Expanding password policy selections, like password length and special character use,  to require the creation of strong user passwords

This newest release also delivers new features to help file transfer professionals more efficiently
design, deploy and manage file transfer jobs, including:

  • Business users read-only access allow them to monitor their own file transfer jobs with no distractions to file transfer professionals
  • Quick search features to quickly identify unused OpenPGP keys, partners or transactions for faster system clean-up
  • More flexible grouping of transaction components, such as OpenPGP key and partner profiles
  • Support for SMB (Server Message Block) connections for easier file transfers between systems on different network segments
  • Administrator dashboard to monitor and manage user connections

“In the newest release, we combine largely under-the-covers security improvements with new user features that further demonstrate our commitment to improve the day-to-day productivity of file transfer professionals.”

Pam Reid, CEO at Coviant Software.