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Build a Successful Business Case for Managed File Transfer

Download your Managed File Transfer Business Case White Paper

Producing a business case for decision makers to approve is not the favourite activity for most IT professionals.

This white paper is a great place to start, providing the five steps to building a powerful business case.

5 steps mft business case

In this white paper we discuss…


  • Which stakeholders should be considered

  • Getting funding with an executive sponsor

  • How to position to the business

  • Building the cost benefit picture

  • Selection criteria and vendor shortlists

Download Now your Managed File Transfer Business Case White Paper!!

“We’ve worked with a large number of our customers to build their business case, for their managed file transfer project. This white paper distills what we have learnt into five simple steps to building your business case, helping you to get the project signed off first time. “

James Lewis

Managing Director, Pro2col Limited

Helping You Get Project Sign Off First Time!

This white paper condenses much of the knowledge we’ve gained since 2003, whilst delivering in excess of 700 file transfer projects around the world.

Most IT projects involving significant investment, require the project manager to build a business for the budget holder to sign off against. However, this stage of the project isn’t always the most eagerly anticipated, even by the most experienced IT professional.

This white paper breaks down the process of building a business case into five simple steps, providing a guideline to work from to ensure your project is signed off first time.

We look forward to helping you in the near future!