Managed File Transfer Comparison Guide 2017

Managed File Transfer Comparison Guide

[Updated – 2017]

Our independently researched Managed File Transfer comparison guide has been updated for 2017. Our third edition reviews eight of the leading Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions.   We’ve created this guide to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to review the solutions side by side to speed up the selection process.

This version of the guide includes a section on cloud connectors for the first time. As businesses rapidly adopt cloud services, this has become an increasingly common discussion point.

It isn’t a definitive analysis of all the available MFT solutions, but it does include the most cost effective, popular and feature rich products in one place for you to review. The guide is split into six sections and provides an insight into the main questions that we’re asked on a daily basis.

  • Solution Basics – these are the key questions that more or less everyone asks us, when looking for a Managed File Transfer solution.
  • Business Strategy – this section prompts you to consider how your solution will be impacted by other policies within the business.
  • Technical Details – looks at some of the key features of Managed File Transfer solutions at a more granular level.
  • Automation Options – lists the most commonly required automation features, a key component of any Managed File Transfer solution.
  • Transfer Protocols – a review of eleven of the most widely used file transfer delivery protocols.
  • Cloud Connectors – a key differentiator at this point, we list eight of the most common cloud services that you’re likely to need to connect to.

The guide covers the most frequently asked questions, but naturally we can only include so much detail.  By the end of this document you should however, have a clearer view of what specific features you need from your Managed File Transfer solution and which vendors are a good fit.

Once you’ve reviewed the comparison guide, I encourage you to review our other free resources. These are our Expert Guide to Managed File Transfer and the Managed File Transfer Needs Analysis.

It’s highly likely that you’ll have many more questions and our team of pre-sales and technical consultants are perfectly placed to provide you with further product information, demonstrations, and software evaluations. Additionally we’ll help you to build a stronger business case, comparing multiple similar solutions, highlighting how a solution might cater for future growth, providing cost comparisons and guidance on calculating ROI.

We look forward to helping you with your Managed File Transfer project in the near future!

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Managed File Transfer Comparison Guide

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