GDPR-compliant file transfers

Soon GDPR-compliant file transfers will be an essential process in your business. Find out why it should be one of your first steps towards GDPR compliance, and how to put it into place.



The 25th May 2018 is creeping up on us and we all know what that means: GDPR comes into full effect, with no grace period.

As we speak, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) across the globe are busy reviewing a whole range of systems in preparation: Call systems, anti-virus systems, data classification and data loss prevention systems and many more.

We believe that reviewing your data transfer and file sharing processes and systems should be one of your first actions. Systems are quick to implement, address several GDPR requirements simultaneously and demonstrate a positive step towards compliance.

We’ve recently published a White Paper, GDPR-compliant data transfer and file sharing. It’s written by our experts who’ve delved into the GDPR requirements and established exactly what that means for data transfer and file sharing.

It’s an essential read for anyone who’s responsible for their organisation’s compliance and covers the following topics:


An introduction to GDPR

What is GDPR, when does it come into effect and why has it been put in place? Our GDPR White Paper provides the background, plus implications of a data breach.


Common compliance fails

Find out if your organisation is using systems or processes that do not meet GDPR requirements.


GDPR for data transfer and file sharing

This includes consent, storage, accessibility, processing, security, availability, impact assessments and reporting.



This outlines which features to look out for in a file transfer system to help you towards compliance. Plus, recommended next steps for your organisation to achieve compliance.



You’ll find a template consent message and recommended questions for your impact assessments.



If you still find you’re not sure what you need to do, our GDPR service is your best option. A Pro2col technical consultant will map your workflows, make recommendations and provide guidance on your Data Protection Impact Assessment. This service provides specific, actionable advice on this critical area of GDPR.


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