GDPR Advisory Service

Pro2col’s GDPR advisory service reviews your organisation’s data transfer and file sharing processes and systems. Our technical consultants make clear recommendations towards compliance.

There are two options, depending on which stage you are at in your project. You’ll choose the pre-implementation planning service if you don’t yet have data transfer or file sharing systems in place. The post-implementation review service is for organisations who need to check GDPR compliance for existing systems.


  • Pre-implementation planning service

    Pro2col technicians will review the kind of transfers you need to implement. They’ll identify which of these fall under GDPR and which don’t. Where necessary, they can assist you in creating your supporting impact assessments.
    This service can be completed remotely or on-site with your Data Protection Officer.


    Identification of GDPR transfers.
    Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) as per article 35.
    Processing impact assessments for each planned interface, as per article 30/32.
    Assistance in planning interface configuration.

  • Post-implementation review service

    Pro2col technicians will work with you to identify which of your existing interfaces require GDPR compliance. They’ll assist in gathering all the information relevant to each transfer and documenting the interfaces. They’ll help you create the supporting assessments too. If our technicians find interfaces that don’t comply with GDPR, they’ll propose changes to resolve potential issues. This service is carried out on-site.


    Standard documentation for interface configuration.
    Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) as per article 35.
    Processing impact assessments for each planned interface, as per article 30/32.
    Identification of GDPR failures.
    Recommendation on remediation activities.


If you would just like to have a chat as you are not really sure where to go from here we would be happy to speak with you and advise on a course of action for you.


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