Introduction to file transfer

Learn what impact GDPR has on data transfer and file sharing

Our GDPR White Paper is an essential read for anyone who’s responsible for their organisation’s compliance. It looks at data transfer and file sharing, specifically within the context of GDPR.

It highlights how new requirements will impact these processes and systems, as well as common practices that could result in a data breach. There are recommendations too, and a detailed run-down of the system features that will meet your compliance requirements, plus you will receive a GDPR impact assessment template and interface mapping template.

Reviewing data transfer and file sharing processes and systems should be one of your first steps towards GDPR compliance. Systems are quick to implement and can address several requirements simultaneously.

Download the GDPR White Paper

… plus unlock Data Transfer Guides, White Papers and Templates.


  • An introduction to GDPR

    What is GDPR, when does it come into effect and why has it been put in place? Our GDPR White Paper provides the background, plus implications of a data breach.

  • GDPR for data transfer and file sharing

    This includes consent, storage, accessibility, processing, security, availability and impact assessments and reporting.

  • Common compliance fails 

    Find out if your organisation is using systems or processes that do not meet GDPR requirements.

  • Recommendations

    This outlines which features to look out for in a file transfer system. Plus recommended next steps for your organisation to achieve compliance.

  • GDPR impact assessment template

    When you download the White Paper we will send you an example Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) template and interface mapping template. These will help you meet the requirements of article 30 and 35.


Are you not sure what to do from here? Find out about our GDPR advisory service for data transfer and file sharing. We’re happy to have a chat and advise if this is the right next step for you.


File sharing apps: Do I need a Dropbox alternative?

Read up on the risks of using file sharing apps, how they measure up against compliance, and get tips on tackling shadow IT in your organisation. This is a valuable resource if you are considering sourcing a Dropbox alternative.

Are your GDPR impact assessments all in place?

By 25th May 2018 you will need to have carried out GDPR impact assessments for all processing activities involving personal data of EU citizens. This blog takes you through the reasons why, plus exactly what an impact assessment is in the context of data transfer and file sharing.