Globalscape EFT Enterprise
Globalscape EFT Enterprise secures, manages, and tracks data transferred between people and applications both inside and outside your organization. Globalscape EFT Enterprise is a best-in-class solution for enterprises with complex and mission-critical file transfer requirements. Globalscape EFT Enterprise can reduce the complexity of your file transfer infrastructure, increase operational efficiency, and protect your most important data.

The Globalscape EFT Enterprise module is built on the same platform as SMB for scalability comes with additional benefits that include; LDAP Authentication integration, delegated administration to limit admin control plus backup and restore configurations with a single click. Event rule capability is also included in the base licence which allows you to schedule automated workflows recurringly, copy or move files, download or upload files and monitor folders cleanup of target folders.


FTP Core Server

Globalscape EFT SMB

Event rule functionality including scheduling automated workflows, copy/move & upload/download files

Backup and restore with one click

Globalscape EFT SMB
Globalscape EFT SMB

SSL/TLS & Certificate Management

Authenticate users against internal or external data sources

Globalscape EFT SMB
Globalscape EFT SMB

Execute a process or send an email based on the triggering of an event


Pro2col has been specialising in Globalscape software since 2010. In that time we’ve delivered solutions and continue to support companies from a wide range of industries. Our pre-sales and post-sales teams have achieved the highest level of certification, attaining Globalscape Master Partner status.

Pro2col provides a complete range of services for existing and new Globalscape users:

  • Bespoke online and onsite product demonstrations
  • Software evaluation for proof of concepts
  • Installation, configuration, testing and partner onboarding
  • Creating bespoke workflows and scripts using the Advanced Workflow Engine
  • End user, help desk and administrator training
  • Health checks and upgrades of your system
  • Review to ensure it meets your future strategy, including disaster recovery and high availability planning
“Pro2col are experts when it comes to protecting data. They know and fully understand the secure file transfer landscape and are an excellent source for advice, consulting, product implementation and support for Globalscape customers. Globalscape is happy to have Pro2col as a Master Partner, our highest level of solution provider.” Chris Thacker

International Sales Manager, Globalscape


Driving business initiatives using MFT workflow automation

This Globalscape guest blog looks at how secure data transfer solutions can address your workflow automation requirements. It includes a use-case demonstrating how a large-scale pharmacy with nearly 800 retail locations and 7000 employees streamlined operations, issuing over 70 million prescriptions each year. Globalscape is a leading data transfer vendor working with Pro2col since 2010.

First certified UK Globalscape training

Pro2col Pro2col hosted and attended the first certified UK Globalscape training in London last month, making their technical consultants among the first and only accredited EFT Admin and Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) professionals in the country.