Globalscape Release scConnect – File Sharing Solution

scConnectGlobalscape announced today the availability of scConnect™, the company’s new on-premises enterprise file synchronisation and share product. scConnect gives users secure content mobility, providing the ability to share and access data anytime on any device, while giving IT the administrative oversight, control and security necessary to keep users and corporate assets safe.
Designed to replicate today’s cloud experience without the risk or reliability concerns of shared infrastructures, scConnect enables secure collaboration and content mobility without involving third-party servers.
Created with the IT team and end user in mind, scConnect offers benefits that exceed many cloud file sharing services, including:

For the IT Department:

  • Enables administrators to give users greater control of information sharing without losing oversight or requiring trust in third-party tools and security architectures.
  • Integrates with Active Directory/ Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), keeping it under the organisation’s established IT policy for access security and data governance.
  • Allows IT to apply the security tools it has chosen and that best fit the organisation in terms of two-factor authentication, anti-virus and data loss prevention.
  • Offers fully encrypted file transfer and role-based access, as well as a comprehensive and granular dashboard for real-time, centralised user management and detailed audit trails.

For End Users:

  • Provides a familiar cloud “drive”-like interface, allowing for ease of use
  • Offers access to everything from individual files and folders to full desktops and network shares without requiring any data to be copied to the cloud
  • Provides unlimited storage space and no limits on uploaded file sizes
  • Allows for sharing with users and groups, including external to the organisation

James Bindseil, CEO, Globalscape says;
“One of the greatest IT certainties in business is that if you put up a barrier to productivity, users will find a way around it. Today’s enterprises and highly mobile workforce are dependent on immediate access to sensitive business data in order to be productive, efficient and profitable.
The ‘Shadow IT’ trend is all about the end-user quest for access beyond IT control.
With scConnect, Globalscape bridges the chasm between users and IT, enabling companies to offer users the flexibility and freedom to control sharing – in a more natural and user-friendly way – without sacrificing security or governance.”

For more information on scConnect, download the datasheet or contact Pro2col, Globalscape’s master partner here in the UK on 0333 123 1240.