RADIUS is an authentication protocol that supports the use of username, password and sometimes one extra credential number such as a hardware token PIN. In file transfer applications, RADIUS sign on information can be collected by web-based, FTP-based or other file transfer prompts and then tried against trusted RADIUS servers.  When a file transfer application[..]


RFI stands for “Request for Information” and is used to ask which products and services are available to meet your file transfer needs and to get information about the firms behind the offerings.   The utility of RFIs in the acquisition of technology declined significantly with the rise of the world wide web, as much of[..]


RFP stands for “Request For Proposal” and allows multiple vendors to suggest a specific solution to your specific challenges in a well-documented and repeatable format. Good responses to a file transfer RFP will answer your questions about: Vendors’ ability to execute (e.g., experience, expertise) Vendors’ position in the industry (e.g., innovator, total solution, value-priced) Products’[..]

Right to Erasure

Under GDPR, the data subject has the right to request erasure of personal data.