GoAnywhere MFT 5.6.0 released

HelpSystems have announced the release of GoAnywhere MFT 5.6.0. This includes fixes and enhancements, including the new Google map view that provides visibility into worldwide file transfer activity. We recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible.

New features

Some highlights include:

  • Map view for remote GoAnywhere Agents. Users can now graphically see the status of all their remote installations and quickly manage them based on their location. This comprehensive look at an organisation’s Agents limits overall downtime, giving admins peace of mind that their critical tasks and transfers will run when scheduled.
  • A new database-driven Key Management System (KMS). KMS provides GoAnywhere users the option to easily manage their keys and certificates, which are used to validate and secure communications between servers. The KMS system makes it easy for administrators to create independent key vaults to organise keys based on how they are used. The new key management feature also allows remote Agents to provide security for file transfer and file encryption tasks.

A full list of enhancements and fixes is available with the GoAnywhere MFT 5.6.0  release notes.

Upgrade to GoAnywhere MFT 5.6.0.

To benefit from these enhancements and fixes, we would recommend you upgrade as soon as possible.

Upgrade to GoAnywhere MFT 5.6.0 via the customer portal.

If you need any assistance with the transition to GoAnywhere MFT 5.6.0, please contact the support team.

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