GoAnywhere version 6

GoAnywhere version 6 is now available. This top tip summarises improvements to the interfaces, opportunities to increase security, details how to upgrade and what to watch out for if you’re upgrading from version 5.

It’s been a while since Helpsystems launched a major version release of GoAnywhere. Version 5 saw a raft of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. While GoAnywhere version 6 also includes these, there has been an overhaul of the admin and web user interfaces as well.

Released late December 2018, version 6 maintains the familiar layout that both administrators and web users are used to, but there’s a complete change to the underlying mechanics. This delivers a smoother, cleaner and more modern feel to the interfaces. There has also be a change to the way the new servers are registered and licensed, which makes for a more simplified process and limits downtime.

With the licensing changes to Oracle Java in January 2019, version 6 will use Azul Zulu JRE (OpenJDK), which will be applied to all new installations. Users of version 5 with JRE 7 will need to upgrade to JRE 8, prior to upgrading the GoAnywhere MFT application.

Another new and eagerly awaited feature in GoAnywhere version 6 is support for using time-based one-time password applications (TOTP) – such as Google Authenticator – for two-factor authentication for both admin and web users. Using TOTP will increase your system security.

How to upgrade to GoAnywhere version 6

GoAnywhere version 6 is available within the GoAnywhere administrator by going to Help > Check for Updates or visit my.goanywhere.com.

As version 6 is a major release, we strongly recommend you use a development server.

Do you need support upgrading?

Pro2col can provide professional services to help you upgrade from version 5.

If you don’t have you own development server, the Pro2col pre-upgrade service runs a mirrored development server in parallel to your live servers. This does not affect production or live services and will provide a basis on which to apply the upgrade to the live server. It not only saves time and money, but most importantly saves downtime.

Contact us for a quote now, via the web form or by calling 0333 123 1240. If you are an existing customer, please email your account manager.

Release notes

Additional information about the added features and fixes are available in the release notes or by watching this HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT webinar.

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