IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in

Aspera introduces the release of the IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in. Aspera Connect 3.6.0 is a significant new release that includes a new native plug-in for Chrome browsers (allowing Connect to work in Chrome browsers in which NPAPI is disabled). In addition, Connect 3.6.0 includes a new JavaScript API. The new API supports all major browsers, including Chrome browsers in which NPAPI is disabled.


These changes are described in detail below:

Chrome Web browser updates

  • Prior to version 3.6.0, Connect required support for NPAPI plug-ins, which Chrome supported by default. However, Chrome version 42.0 now disables NPAPI plug-in support by default.
  • This release of Connect no longer uses NPAPI for Chrome, and so preserves compatibility with the new Chrome behaviour.
  • Note: If you want to use Chrome without upgrading Connect, you must perform the Chrome configuration workaround described in the Aspera Support Knowledgebase article here.

Connect’s new JavaScript API

  • In the new Connect API, many previously synchronous functions are now asynchronous, improving overall responsiveness and flexibility.
  • In order to use the new API, you must adjust your code accordingly. Note that there are certain parameters that, if in use in previous versions of the Connect API, you must update if you intend to use Connect 3.6.0.
  • For a complete listing of new, changed, and removed parameters in this release, see the information on Connect in the Aspera Developer Network here.


While Aspera recommends that all users upgrade to Connect 3.6.0, you must upgrade if:

  • You run Aspera web applications on the Chrome browser.
  • You plan to upgrade your Shares, Faspex, or Connect Server installation with the next release.

Please get in touch with the Pro2col team should you need any further information or links to install the new server.