Ipswitch today announced the release of MOVEit 7.5 and the new Ad Hoc Transfer product, available for the first time as a standalone offering. MOVEit™ Ad Hoc Transfer provides an easy to use IT-sanctioned alternative for employees to conveniently transfer files with people and groups in a secure manner. MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer addresses one of IT’s biggest security challenges today — the growing risk created by employees’ misuse of personal email and file sharing sites to share sensitive business information.

MOVEit 7.5 is a release that brings several new capabilities to MOVEit, as well as a roll-up of enhancements and bug fixes from ongoing maintenance efforts.

This is a major release with a focus on enhancing convenience in the provisioning and use of Ad Hoc Transfer; and tightening security for Ad Hoc Transfer.



New Ad Hoc Transfer features:

  • Self-registration saves time and reduces a dependency on IT in the provisioning process.
  • Guest Access (Package Password) users are now able to install the upload/download wizard.
  • Send-to-self now provides an easy-to-use, controlled archiving mechanism.
  • Improvements to “silent install” for Ad Hoc Transfer Plug-in for Outlook.
  • Organisation Quotas: Administrators can now set the maximum number of users, end-users, and temporary users per organisation.
  • Ability to control logging of sign on and sign off events.



For Ad Hoc Transfer, administrators can choose the following options for sending the package password:

  • Send the password in the new package notification.
  • Send the password in a separate email notification.
  • Have the sender take responsibility for communicating the password. This option is now also available in the Outlook plug-in.

New administrator capabilities bolster an implementation that is already highly secure:

  • Ability to inspect packages sent (both the message and attachment). This can be helpful in certain auditing, compliance or legal discovery situations.
  • Guest user activity is now fully tracked in the log data. This too can be helpful in certain auditing situations.
  • Option to restrict configuration to one-way messages only (no reply/two-way). This can be helpful in situations where, for example, network traffic is unusually heavy and there is a desire to reduce network load.

There have also been fixes for several vulnerabilities in web interface pages.

MySQL, the database distributed with MOVEit has been upgraded to the latest release version, MySQL 5.1.63. Support for MySQL 5.0 has been dropped.

In this release, the MOVEit DMZ Resiliency functionality has been removed from the product. Customers that are currently deploying a Resiliency configuration and wishing to upgrade to MOVEit Version 7.5 should consider implementing a Web Farm configuration in place of Resiliency. Ipswitch has developed this Knowledge Base (KB) article that provides further information on Resiliency-to-Web Farm migration.

Additionally, Pro2col are available to assist customers in performing this migration. Please contact Pro2col on 0333 123 1240 for further details on their Professional Services.