JSCAPE release version 3.3 of MFT Gateway

JSCAPE Is pleased to announce the latest release of JSCAPE MFT Gateway (3.3).  This release is a minor update and incorporates the following changes.

  • Added new service types HTTPS/HTTP and TCP/SSL.
  • Added ability to see connected agents from Control Channel module and receive an email notification in the event that no registered agents are detected.
  • Minor updates to administrative user interface.

The addition of the new HTTPS/HTTP and TCP/SSL service types offer users the ability reverse proxy SSL encrypted services where the target server does not offer encryption.  This is particularly useful in environments where there is a need for encrypting data while in transit but where legacy server applications may not offer native encryption support.


Upgrade / Trial

If you’re an existing customer looking to upgrade to the latest version please contact our support team on support@pro2colgroup.com for assistance. Alternatively if you are interested in learning more about JSCAPE MFT Gateway please contact Pro2col on 0333 123 1240.