Mac FTP Server – Your options in 2015 from an Apple Solution Expert.

As Apple Solution Experts for Print & Publishing, Pro2col started out life in 2003 specialising in file transfer solutions for design agencies, publishers, printers and marketing departments. Back then many people were looking to make the move from ISDN to run on Apple hardware such as a Mac FTP Server or at least something which was friendly to Mac file resource forks. It would be fair to say that the choices were pretty limited and many people decided to switch on FTP services on their Mac OSX server, allowing customers direct access right onto, in many cases, their internal file server! Fast forward to today and I sincerely hope that with IT security so high on companies agenda that no-one is adopting this approach!!


Now in 2014 we’re still somewhat limited in the number of natively written Mac FTP Server applications but with other programming languages able to run across multiple platforms such as Java other options are available. The way in which users want to share and consume files has changed massively too. Users expect WeTransfer and DropBox capabilities from their file transfer solution, so no longer is a Mac FTP Server just that. Some of the solutions we have in our portfolio enable ‘ad-hoc’ file transfer whilst also providing ‘desktop sync clients’ like Dropbox.

If your business has a mixed OS environment of Mac’s and PC’s and you’re looking for a technology to appease all of your users then we’re well placed to help. Not only do we know the Mac FTP Server solutions themselves but we’re also Apple Solution Experts and understand mixed OS environments. I should also mention we’ve supplied and supported over 700 installations in 28 countries since we started out, with many of our original customers still with us.

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