Give Your Managed File Transfer Project The Best Start With Our Expert Resources

The Expert Guide to Managed File Transfer best practices has been a valuable resource for organisations throughout their file transfer projects. We’ve now digitised the booklet into a selection of free online resources.

At Pro2col we break down your file transfer project into four key stages: Identify, plan, implement and maintain. You can access free support and paid for services throughout each stage – visit Our Services to find out more.


Does your organisation need a file transfer solution?

This checklist helps you identify if you need a file transfer solution for your organisation.

Getting started on your information gathering

This resource includes 40 important questions to get you started on planning your file transfer project.

Comparison guide

This guide is researched and written by Pro2col’s experienced technical consultants. It compares products side-by-side, helping you shortlist those that meet your business needs.

Business case

This resource includes useful hints for your business case, to convince your decision makers to make the investment.


“Pro2col provided us with excellent consultation that helped us with a proof of concept to take back to the project stakeholders and make the decision process a lot easier. I would definitely recommend Pro2col to other businesses looking at managed file transfer solutions.”

John Felstead
Safeguard World International

“James and his team delivered the right solution for us and helped to transform previously difficult areas of our workflow. Since then I have kept close to Pro2col on all matters relating to file transfer technologies because they are simply the leading experts in their field.”

Kevin Dunckley
Chief Digital Officer, HH Global

“Working with Pro2col proved to be highly successful, they offered deep insight into different B2B information exchange platforms, allowing a joint decision to ensure the best fit tooling was implemented successfully for our customer.”

Craig Devlin
Business Development Manager, Seric Systems