“James and the team provide great insight and service to the MFT industry as a key recognized partner to many of the leading vendors. He assisted us to understand the marketplace, matched it up to our requirements and gave us experience and guidance to eventually choose our preferred vendor. They can do the same for you.”

Max Maklin

Enterprise Architect, Nav Canada

“Pro2col have been fantastically patient and have gone above and beyond the call of duty in making sure that we made the right decision and chose a product that was suitable for us.”

Sam Wong

IT Security Specialist, Brit Insurance

Save time and make the right choice with the Managed File Transfer comparison.

With over 40 Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions on the market, where do you start?
It takes weeks of research time contacting multiple vendors, sitting through numerous presentations, piles of white papers and liaising with multiple salespeople. That’s exactly what the Managed File Transfer Comparison is designed to eliminate.

Pro2col’s MFT comparison is a free service to identify the right software for your business needs.


STEP 1: Complete a series of questions about your requirements. Please answer in as much detail as possible and if you need help, just give us a call.

STEP 2: Our independent technical consultants will review your answers and compare how the different solutions would deliver your requirements.

STEP 3: We will make a free recommendation, explaining which product is the best fit for your organisation and why. If we don’t supply the software, we will put you in contact with someone who can help.

STEP 4: If you decide you need more detail for your business case or procurement team, you can opt for our extended paid report service. This includes a detailed analysis of three products and vendor details, plus indicative pricing.

We have specialised in MFT since 2004 and continually evaluate the different solutions on the market. Our technical consultants know which vendors provide great support, regular software updates and have a reliable, feature-rich, secure and scalable technology. Unlike vendors themselves, we can provide you with independent, unbiased advice.


Save Time

You will save weeks of research time by completing this questionnaire, making use of our technical consultants’ knowledge and expertise.

Fully Scope Your Requirements

The comparison questionnaire asks you the right questions to recommend an exact fit for your organisation, making sure your implementation is a success. Different products can have different features, or deliver the same feature in a completely different way. This level of detail makes all the difference.

Unbiased Recommendation

Software vendors will want to sell you their product, but our technical experts independently analyse the best solution for your unique requirements. They consistently review the marketplace and only select credible solutions from credible vendors, who provide excellent support.

Tap Into Expert Knowledge

Pro2col experts have delivered secure file transfer solutions since 2004 across 30 countries. Each has a minimum of seven years’ experience working with this niche technology. We are also providers and developers of the only file transfer certification, CFTP.

Managed File Transfer Comparison
Managed File Transfer Comparison
Managed File Transfer Comparison
Managed File Transfer Comparison
Managed File Transfer Comparison
Managed File Transfer Comparison
Managed File Transfer Comparison
Managed File Transfer Comparison
Managed File Transfer Comparison
Managed File Transfer Comparison