You already use Managed File Transfer but…

If your company has already invested in a Managed File Transfer solution, but it’s not quite working the way in which it was intended, we can help. There are many reasons why you might not be getting the best out of your system but you don’t necessarily need to start again, from scratch.

Since 2003, Pro2col has helped over 750 companies with their Managed File Transfer solution. Below we’ve listed some of the most common reasons why businesses that already have Managed File Transfer solutions speak to Pro2col, maybe one resonates with you?

…it’s not working exactly as you need it to!

“It was implemented by someone else who has moved on and what it’s doing hasn’t been documented”

We can review what you’ve got in place, how it’s been configured and with your input determine it’s purpose and how critical it is to the business, providing a report of your current position and suggestions moving forward.

“The scope of requirements have changed and you’re not sure whether it is still fit for purpose”

What’s important in this situation is to, in addition to reviewing your new requirements, consider what might become relevant over the next 1-3 years. Our Needs Analysis project guide provides you with over 200 questions to get you thinking about your future business requirements. Once you have a clear view we can help you to ascertain how close your current software version gets you, whether upgrading is an option or if you need to consider an alternative technology to compliment or replace your existing system.

“Vendor or reseller support hasn’t been as helpful as you had expected”

It can be frustrating when neither vendor nor reseller rises to the challenge, especially when you need help the most. A one off can be excused but being frequently let down presents you with a decision to make, is this a sign to engage an alternative supplier or escalate your issues. We can provide that independent, objective voice to determine the best course of action. We also know which vendors have poor support and to be avoided, helping to mitigate future problems.

“It is out of support and maintenance and you’re not sure whether it’s worth upgrading, or time to select another solution”

Whenever possible we try to help customers get the most from their existing investment, upgrading systems generally minimise expenditure. However sometimes this isn’t an option, the additional modules don’t map to your requirements. In this situation other vendors are keen to pick up business from their competitors and we’re expertly placed to help you capitalise on this. Win-back and cross-grade deals can help you get significant functionality at considerably less than RRP, meaning your initial investment wasn’t entirely wasted!

“It has bugs, crashes and generally you’ve seen limited product updates, or visibility of roadmap”

There could be a variety of ways in which this situation might be improved. You should ensure your vendor has the correct contact details so that you receive regular product updates, run the software patches as soon as an update window allows and request product roadmap updates ahead of support/maintenance renewals. Where the vendor still isn’t providing you with the service you desire, we can help you to raise your concerns with vendor senior management or advise on what alternatives you could migrate to and how best this can be achieved.

“It no longer meets your security requirements or those of your business partners?”

It could be that the system you have in place can be extended to meet your new security requirements. In this case we can work with you to review your requirements and ascertain if upgrading or adding further modules will help. If it doesn’t then we can help you review alternative solutions to meet your needs.

“The internal support costs have grown too high”

This is typical when supporting an in-house built system or a software solution that requires considerable customisation, the result being that your team spend too much time administering the system and onboarding internal users, external partners and configuring actions. We’d suggest a thorough Needs Analysis ahead of selecting alternative products to evaluate.

How Pro2col can help you

Investments made in Managed File Transfer software can be considerable, so before making the decision that you need an alternative solution we would recommend exhausting all options to stay with your current vendor. We can help you to determine whether the software will address your business requirements, provide insight into the organisation behind the software and give you honest guidance on what we believe to be the best course of action.

If you’d like to book a no obligation call with a Managed File Transfer solution consultant, fill in your details below. We’ll then arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your situation.

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