Managed File transfer Professional Services
As experts in secure file and data transfer, we provide specialist managed file transfer professional services to assist you at every stage of your project. Our experienced team are able to work with you and your colleagues, either onsite or remotely, addressing a project stage or via credits (you can use as and when you need).

We spend a lot of time researching and testing the latest technologies and over the years, we have formed trusted relationships with many of the industry’s leading Managed File Transfer vendors. This means we’re able to offer our customers the best of what’s available in the marketplace.

We’ll help you to clarify your immediate requirements and long-term objectives so that together we can pinpoint the solutions that will best meet your ongoing file transfer needs.

Pro2col uses a consultative approach to ensure that your organisation gets the best possible results and a solution that is aligned with your unique needs. From start to finish, our approach ensures that you have all the knowledge and techniques at hand to stay in control and achieve your business goals.

Whatever stage you have reached in your file transfer project, we’re more than happy to assist. Below is a breakdown of the different stages of a successful managed file transfer project runs through and how we can help.


We understand that different companies are at different levels of maturity when it comes to secure file and data sharing. This is especially true when putting this into a GDPR context or evaluating in-house skills.

We have therefore created Professional Service offerings that can help no matter what stage of the process you could do with expertise. These can either be delivered remotely or onsite dependent on your needs.


There are two options, depending on which stage of  your project. You’ll choose the pre-implementation planning service if you don’t yet have data transfer or file sharing systems in place. Post-implementation review is for organisations who need to check GDPR compliance for existing systems. Our technical consultants will create a report of clear recommendations to address.


Our Needs Analysis service can be carried out on or off-site. One of our experienced experts will go through over 230 questions with you, fully scoping your requirements. They’ll take into account the current and future needs of all the stakeholders in the business, plus any technologies you need to integrate. You’ll receive a comprehensive review of your requirements and a recommendation.


All file transfer solutions are slightly different which means some will be a better fit for your environment than others. Our Professional Services team will identify which tools would be worth considering, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that the tools will fit your needs. You will receive a bespoke document and consultative call to present the results.


You think you’ve found the right MFT solution, now you need to get and install a developer/evaluation license and test the software before investing heavily in the new system. We will help you through this whole process, getting the evaluation licence and installing the software and potentially helping to set up workflows. We can do this onsite or assist remotely dependent on your needs.


You’ve purchased the MFT solution, now you need a trained engineer to work with you to achieve optimum installation and integration within your existing IT infrastructure. Our Professional Services team will do this for you either onsite or remotely. They will ensure the change for users and customers is seamless and administrators/help desk staff are fully trained.


Training courses can be executed remotely, on-site or in one of our classrooms and can also be tailored to your organisation’s needs. Trainers are experienced support staff who are able to draw upon a variety of practical examples to prepare your staff to support your systems. You can select Administrator, Refresher, Help Desk and New Version training or gain the CFTP qualification.


Like any computer system, your managed file transfer solution needs to be kept well tuned in order to provide the best performance. Pro2col can assist you with this by carrying out a thorough review of your environment, either remotely for individual servers, or on-site for more complex landscapes by our experienced file transfer professionals. It’s ideal for analysing if all versions are up to date.


Pro2col’s Professional Service Credits is our way of being able to track and manage the time we spend assisting you with your requirements and providing complete visibility to our charges and time taken on your Professional Service tasks.

Professional Service Credits can be exchanged for telephone, email and remote desktop support, training, consultancy or audits and each credit represents 15 minutes of support time.

Support will not be provided until credits have been paid for in full, or where applicable invoiced.

There are 5 options of credit you can purchase:

  • 4 pack of support credits

  • 10 pack of support credits

  • 20 pack of support credits

  • 50 pack of support credits

  • 100 pack of support credits