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Managed File Transfer Project Guide

Almost all IT professionals deal with FTP at some point in their career, but not so many have configured or supported a Managed File Transfer solution. This is why we have published our very first book – The Expert Guide to Managed File Transfer, which also provides access to our independently researched and very popular Managed File Transfer Comparison Guide, along with a whole lot more.

The Expert Guide to Managed File Transfer brings together some of our most popular whitepapers, latest research and shares the key considerations which make a Managed File Transfer project a success. It is designed as an introduction for those being asked to implement an Managed File Transfer solution for the first time, so it includes an explanation of what Managed File Transfer is and what business problems it can solve. As use cases overlap, it also includes Electronic File Sync and Share (EFSS) and Fast File Transfer.


The next section of the guide looks at how Managed File Transfer benefits organisations, which problems it solves, including some common scenarios that drive the need for Managed File Transfer, such as improving productivity and collaboration and the top 40 questions we ask to clarify a businesses requirements. Once the reader has recognised their high level needs, the guide goes on to give them a first view of potential solutions to shortlist and also includes top tips on building a successful business case.

Over the past decade, Pro2col has delivered over 750 projects, evaluated many Managed File Transfer technologies, built relationships with leading vendors and kept pace with a file transfer landscape that has changed beyond all recognition. Today, customers demand solutions to automate business processes internally and across their supply chain, instant access on the go to files securely stored in their network, easy to use solutions for sharing files with customers and partners and the ability to move increasingly large files.

The Expert Guide to Managed File Transfer is a great resource to get any Managed File Transfer project started, whatever its size or scope and acts as a great introduction to the team here at Pro2col, who are always on hand to provide honest independent advice, so that project leaders can implement the right Managed File Transfer solution for their organisations needs.

See below for your chance to get our new book!

Resources Available For You

The Expert Guide to Managed File Transfer

Includes definitions, requirements assessment, product comparison, building your business case and much more.

Managed File Transfer Needs Analysis

200 essential questions to consider before implementing your chosen Managed File Transfer solution.

Managed File Transfer Comparison Guide

A full feature comparison of Managed File Transfer solutions from the eight leading vendors in the industry.