Introduction to file transfer

Combining next-generation transport with exceptional transfer and user management capabilities for enterprise applications, the Aspera Enterprise Server is the industry standard for transferring files, directories and large data sets over the WAN with unrivalled Aspera performance.

Built on patented  FASP™ technology, the Aspera Enterprise Server delivers maximum transfer throughput independent of distance and network conditions, typically achieving 10-100x speed improvement over FTP/SCP and HTTP, with end-to-end security and exceptional bandwidth control.

With the option to run in the cloud, Enterprise Server enables access to instantly scalable, on-demand storage and computing capacity.


Versatile File Transfers

Supports various options for transfer initiation, e,g from Desktop, Point-to-point Clients, command line, third party embedded clients or Mobile Uploader app, and transfer management, e.g. Guaranteed delivery times, high-availability cluster configuration, simultaneous multi-location delivery using multi-point transfers and inline compression reduces data set transfer size

Cloud Ready

Can be deployed in cloud infrastructure, taking advantage of unlimited storage and transfer scale-out with the optimised cloud I/O for maximum transfer speeds. Easy deployment on Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix infrastructure, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other cloud platforms.

Comprehensive Administration

Administrators have full control over user settings, can configure transfer parameters (preset and real-time), access real-time monitoring and control of all incoming and outgoing transfers and create custom reports. Create an unlimited number of users, define access rights and transfer settings for each one, and enforce security settings based on organizational requirements. Monitor all incoming and outgoing transfers in real-time; cancel, pause, resume or reorder transfers in the queue on the fly; configure email notifications and delivery confirmations on client and server.

Bullet-proof Security

Has thorough SSH authentication, AES-128 data encryption in-transit and at-rest, FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic module, data integrity verification and allow or block transfer requests by client IP and by cookie patterns. Server-side encryption at rest for seamless on-the-fly encryption and decryption of content written to Aspera server hosts using a secret supplied by the server. Configurable encryption settings per user, with complete transfer authorization policies and security options.

File Format Validation

Supports the emerging standards for broadcast file format validation such as AS11 / DPP Media. The Server’s extensive framework supports post-transfer processing and validation via plug-ins and integrates with 3rd party software such as Metaglue

Transfer Automation

Automate routine transfers as well as pre- and post- delivery file processing. Create repeatable and scheduled transfers (one-time and recurring) through templates using Aspera Console. Utilize hot folder services and define custom pre- and post-delivery functionality using a scriptable command line, web services or SDK library. Automatically forward uploaded files to any other Aspera node, even when files arrive via non-Aspera means (e.g. FTP deliveries).


Aspera SDK

Leverage Aspera’s core file transfer functionality through a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK). Initiate and monitor transfers via web services. Integrate rich Java, C#, and C++ APIs into any web application and use web services API for transfer automation. Benefit from Aspera’s top-notch engineering and R&D via an annual development subscription, which includes all available libraries, APIs, development licenses and support.


Pro2col are Aspera partners and specialists in data transfer and file sharing technologies. As accredited Aspera partners we have delivered solutions and supported companies from a wide range of industries. Our pre-sales and post-sales teams have achieved the highest level of certification to deliver professional services and support.

Pro2col provides a complete range of services for existing and new Aspera Enterprise Server users:

  • End user, help desk and administrator training
  • Health checks and upgrades of your system
  • Review to ensure it meets your future strategy, including disaster recovery and high availability planning
  • Bespoke online and onsite product demonstrations
  • Software evaluation for proof of concepts
  • Installation, configuration, testing and partner onboarding
“Pro2col and IBM have forged a close working relationship and are a trusted Partner. Pro2col brings a wealth of experience and market knowledge in Managed File Transfer and are well-placed to match the needs of their customers with Aspera solutions. Pro2col work closely with IBM to manage the process from needs analysis right the way through to the deployment of the Aspera solution and the on-going account management.” Steve Jones

Channel Sales Manager, Aspera


Distance no object for big data in the cloud

Steve Jones from IBM Cloud – Aspera explains trends in high-speed transport of big data in the cloud and why it is so important. This is the latest in our series of guest blog posts, each highlighting how a file transfer solution can add value to your organisation.

Webinar – Move Big Data up to 100 Times Faster

Thursday 28th April
Join us on this short webinar to see how customers using IBM Aspera can move big data up to hundreds of times faster than customers using other FTP Servers or MFT Solutions.