Coviant Software Diplomat
Diplomat Managed File Transfer products are installed on your internal network behind a firewall and transfer files between secure FTP servers, web servers, email servers, SMB servers, cloud storage sites, private clouds and other systems both inside and outside your firewall. Diplomat components communicate with the Diplomat MFT Service to set-up, manage, initiate and monitor secure file transfer jobs.
Diplomat MFT


Diplomat MFT Service

Transfers files between internal systems, secure FTP servers, HTTP/S servers, email servers, SMB servers, Diplomat Cloud Connector and other systems that may be outside the firewall. Creates log files with system messages, maintains a SQL audit database, and archives copies of files being transferred.

Diplomat MFT
Diplomat MFT

Diplomat MFT Client

Diplomat MFT Client is a user application that enables the creation and modification of file transfer job and configuration settings (e.g, PGP keys, secure FTP logins and job schedules), which are used to schedule and run secure file transfer jobs. You can also start the Client from a browser or desktop icon linked to a Java Web Launch file.

Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent

Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent lets you by-pass Diplomat’s built-in scheduler and uses another application to initiate file transfer jobs. Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent works by sending a request to the Diplomat MFT Service to immediately schedule a specific file transfer job that was previously set up using the Diplomat MFT Client.

Diplomat MFT
Diplomat MFT

Diplomat Cloud Connector

Diplomat Cloud Connector, a new highly secure transport method, uses OpenPGP encryption and authentication to enable secure, one-step data transfers. Data no longer needs to reside outside the firewall on transport servers, such as FTP, web or email servers.


Diplomat MFT REST API lets you schedule and monitor file transfer jobs using HTTPS commands. Using API requests, you can:

  • Run jobs
  • Cancel jobs
  • Terminate jobs
  • Obtain current job status
  • Obtain job summaries
  • Obtain job history, including log entries
Diplomat MFT
Diplomat MFT

Diplomat MFT Job Monitor

Diplomat MFT Job Monitor allows you to view current scheduling status and job history of all Diplomat file transfer jobs. It can be accessed from the Diplomat MFT Client or run as a standalone application. You can also start Job Monitor from a browser or desktop icon linked to a Java Web Launch file.


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