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Pro2col are UK partners of Maytech and specialise in their solution Quatrix. Quatrix provides simple one-step web-based file sharing for end users with enterprise-level controls, empowering IT to enforce compliance, data protection and information security policies through granular administrative controls and a full audit trail. Quatrix Business is also white labelled to fully integrate with your brand and corporate identity.

Files are securely shared over HTTPS or SFTP and protected at rest using AES-256 encryption which is suitable for most business workflows. In addition, there is a unique user-friendly PGP encryption feature which provides advanced security for highly confidential data. This is disabled as a default setting but can be enabled as a global setting by the account administrator.



  • Quick to provision, integrate and scale.

  • Rapid end-user adoption and acceptance.

  • Underpinned by full enterprise security features.

  • Data is encrypted in transit with HTTPS and at rest with AES-256 bit encryption as standard.

  • Comprehensive logs and tracking all user activity.

  • Central control over • Password policies • Branding and integration • Compliance/disclaimer email footers

  • PGP encryption for highly sensitive files.

  • Personal tracking – a comprehensive history showing full detail on all files shared, downloaded and acquired.


Pro2col has been specialising in Maytech software since 2006. In that time, we’ve delivered solutions and supported companies from a wide range of industries. Our pre-sales and post-sales teams have achieved the highest level of certification to deliver professional services and support.

Pro2col provides a complete range of services for existing and new Maytech users:

  • Bespoke online and onsite product demonstrations
  • Software evaluation for proof of concepts
  • Installation, configuration, testing and partner onboarding
  • End user, help desk and administrator training
  • Health checks and upgrades of your system
  • Review to ensure it meets your future strategy, including disaster recovery and high availability planning
“We thoroughly enjoy working with the Pro2col team. They have developed a great understanding of our product range and certainly have the best knowledge of the marketplace” John Lynch

CEO, Maytech