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First European CFTP course in London

First European CFTP course in London

This Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) training program prepares IT staff to work with managed file transfer (MFT) technology and operations. The CFTP classroom experience consists of presentations, practical labs and discussions which invite an open exchange of ideas and opinions around many areas of file transfer.

On February 2nd and 3rd 2016, Pro2col Limited hosted the classroom based CFTP course in it’s London offices – the first time it has been held outside of America. The course attendees came from both the UK and continental Europe, and all had experience from different File Transfer products which resulted in a blend of skills and experiences between them.

Day 1

On the first day the class looked at the different concepts used in file transfer and the methods used to encrypt data or perform integrity

checking. The practical labs allowed the class to get a real hands-on feel for encryption by practicing symmetric and asymmetric Public Key Infrastructure exchanges; hashing, salt and rainbow tables were also explored in depth.

The various protocols used to transfer files were next on the agenda and included everything from basic FTP to the more advanced topic of accelerated data transfers. Combining the learning from protocols and encryption helped to facilitate understanding of how to perform AS1,2 & 3 transfers and de-mystify it for some of the attendees.

Day 2

Following a review of the first day’s activities, on the second day of the course the class looked at the concepts around the “synchronisation” or “Ad-Hoc” transfers, an increasingly important aspect with modern MFT tools. Drawing again on the encryption lessons from day one, the class went on to look into encryption at rest (PGP etc.) before moving on to file transfer operations. This included troubleshooting of transfers and a look at how Service Level Agreements are applied and managed in File Transfer.

Finally, the only thing left to do was to take the exam. Delegates were given ninety minutes to complete a random computer generated selection of questions and they needed to correctly answer a pre-set percentage to pass.

So, how did they do?…………..All Delegates Passed!

The European CFTP programme continues with the next London based 2-day accreditation course scheduled for May 2016 and online training courses available anytime.

“This was a very good training event and the trainer, Richard, was extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend CFTP to IT professionals working or considering a project with MFT Software.”

Matt Scotney-Jones

Regional Channel Manager, UK & Ireland at Ipswitch, Inc.