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Introducing Pro2col: How we can help you

“Pro2col understand the marketplace and provided a system that was appropriate and cost effective within our business. 
No hard sell just honest advice and a willingness to get it right.”
Darren Batchelor, IT Manager. Illumination.

Consultancy Services

As experts in managed file transfer, we provide specialist managed file transfer consultancy services to assist you at every stage of your project. Our experienced team are able to work with you and your colleagues, either onsite or remotely.

We spend a lot of time researching and testing the latest MFT technologies and over the years, we have formed trusted relationships with many of the industries leading Managed File Transfer vendors. This means we’re able to offer our customers the best of what’s available in the marketplace.

We’ll help you to clarify your immediate requirements and long-term objectives, so that together we can pinpoint the solutions that will best meet your ongoing file transfer needs.

Pro2col uses a consultative approach to ensure that your organisation gets the best possible results and a solution that is aligned to your unique needs. From start to finish, our approach ensures that you have all the knowledge and techniques at hand to stay in control and achieve your business goals.

Whatever stage you have reached in your file transfer project, we’re more than happy to assist. Call our team of consultants on 020 7118 9640.

Below is a breakdown of the different stages a successful managed file transfer project runs through;

Project Stages
Project Stage Description
Getting Started What is MFT? Does your company need it? And can you afford it? Begin your MFT research here with our Expert Guide to Managed File Transfer."
Needs Analysis You've identified a need for an MFT solution, now you need to comprehensively scope out your present and future requirements, so you have the right criteria to match potential software against. Pro2col have a Needs Analysis guide, which will streamline the process and ensure you make all the right considerations before choosing your MFT solution.
Solution Comparison You've determined your requirements and now need to use those to compare different MFT solutions. Included in our book, The Expert Guide to Managed File Transfer is a Comparison Guide of Leading MFT Solutions or if you wish Pro2col can put together a bespoke comparison for you.
Proof of Concept You think you've found the right MFT solution, now you need to install a developer/evaluation license and test the software before investing heavily in the new system.
Build a Business Case You've tested your chosen MFT solution, now you need to get budgetary sign off from the business to enable the purchase. Also included in our Expert Guide to Managed File Transfer is How to Write a Business Case for MFT.
Installation You've purchased the MFT solution, now you need a trained engineer to work with you to achieve optimum installation and integration within your existing IT infrastructure, ensuring the change for users and customers is seamless and administrators/help desk staff are fully trained.
Training You've got the software installed OR taken over the day to day running of the solution and now need training to ensure both IT departments, new users and/or yourself are getting the best out of the solution.
Technical Support You've got a problem with your MFT  solution, now you need certified technical engineers to provide you with UK based assistance.
Health Check You've had your MFT solution for a couple of years, now you need an expert to carry out a thorough review of your environment, check you are running the most recent updates and reaching the full potential of the software, maximising your ROI.