managed file transfer installations

Installing or upgrading a managed file transfer system correctly on the first attempt can sometimes be problematic to administrators who are unfamiliar with the product. Our experienced technical team have installed hundreds of systems using a variety of products and are familiar with the potential problems that you may encounter, as well as having a deep understanding of the various configurations and parameters required to support them.

We have put together an installation guide, detailing the 10 steps required to successfully install any managed file transfer solution. Fill in the form opposite to download this now.

Depending upon your solution requirements, Pro2col can provide assistance with the onboarding of any managed file transfer solution.

Download the Installation Guide

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Hypercare Installations

  • Provide advice and support to administrators via phone and screen sharing

  • Pre-arranged support can be made available both in and out of business hours

Standard Quick Start Installations

  • Remote execution of the installation/upgrade

  • Perform basic configuration

  • Test the system

  • Provide a short administrator training session

  • Documented record of the installation provided for future reference

Premium Quick Start Installations

  • Onsite execution of the installation/upgrade

  • Perform advanced configuration (branding, continuity etc.)

  • Full system tests

  • Basic administrator training

  • Documented record of the installation provided for future reference


If you are going ahead with installation then its worth looking at training and support for your new data transfer solution.