Introduction to file transfer

Your file transfer project needs to be a success, so it’s really important to choose a solution that meets all your business requirements. If you get the right file transfer solution you should see a return on investment inside 12 months. Sourcing the wrong solution though will cost you in the long run.

Our Needs Analysis service can be carried out on or off-site. One of our experienced experts will go through over 230 questions with you, fully scoping your requirements. They’ll take into account the current and future needs of all the stakeholders in the business, plus any technologies you need to integrate. You’ll receive a comprehensive review of your requirements and a recommendation.

The service is structured to make sure you’ve got a clear view of your company’s file transfer requirements across a variety of use cases. We’ve recently updated it to address General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as the ongoing adoption and migration to cloud infrastructure.


Independent expertise on tap

We’ve delivered over 750 solutions across the globe, for a wide range of industry sectors and use cases.

The devil is in the detail

Most solutions have the same features but differ in how they are delivered. That’s what will determine whether your implementation is a success and we’ll get you there quicker.

Shortcut the process

Your time is valuable and you don’t have to spend it finding out about multiple vendors who might not have the right solution for you. Pro2col provide a single point of contact and do this hard work for you.

Vendor Liason

We can arrange software demonstrations, trial licenses, locate hard to find product information and get access to key personnel, should you need it.

Here for you

You’ll work with a single consultant who will work around your timescale or time zone.

Correctly scoped

Our experts ask you the right questions to ensure you get the best solution for your current and future requirements and budget.


Our experts give you guidance on which bring out regular updates, whether their future roadmap aligns with your business requirements, which provide the best support and who to avoid.

Your best interests

Vendors will want to sell you their product, but we make sure you get the best solution for your needs. We’re consistently reviewing the marketplace and only select credible solutions from credible vendors. 

Reduced cost

We can create bespoke packages and negotiate with vendors on your behalf to get the very best deal. We’ll save you much more than you pay us, or it costs you to do it yourself! 


Needs Analysis is the most crucial part of any file transfer project. Therefore, we have three Needs Analysis options to help you no matter what your file transfer experience is. We split these into levels based on the amount of detail, assistance and consultancy that you will require. Below are our options.

If you would just like to have a chat as you are not really sure where to go from here we would be happy to speak with you and advise on a course of action for you.