South River Technologies Releases WebDrive 2016

New Licensing Model and Additional Cloud Connectors Add Flexibility to Popular File Access Client

South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT) have released WebDrive version 2016. The WebDrive File Access Client 2016 update adds productivity benefits, including a more flexible licensing and technical support structure.

webdrive-interiorWebDrive maps a drive letter or mounts a device to remote servers and cloud services. WebDrive 2016 adds integration with new connectors like Amazon Cloud Drive, Box and OwnCloud to its extensive group of services. As businesses are increasingly leveraging the cloud for file storage, WebDrive is being used as a unified access client for the numerous cloud and on-premise options that organizations utilize.

This release adds a new licensing model, giving customers a longer maintenance period at no cost and a wider variety of support options. This model gives customers the flexibility to assure support coverage, with or without the software upgrade process.

WebDrive is now platform-neutral!

The new WebDrive 2016 multi-seat licenses are available to be used on either Mac or PC platforms. (A free mobile version is also included.) Which means IT teams can easily roll out and support WebDrive across a large number of desktops, with the ability to preconfigure user settings and not having to worry about different licenses for Mac and PC users.

“The way that businesses interact with files is rapidly evolving, as companies balance the cost effectiveness of cloud storage, with the need to maintain in-house applications. WebDrive is the solution that provides a unified interface for accessing files in any location, from any device.”

Michael Ryan

CEO, South River Technologies

What else can WebDrive do?

WebDrive is an excellent replacement for a traditional FTP Client, WebDAV Client or other file transfer application. But did you know that WebDrive can also:

  • Replace your VPN. Use WebDrive as a replacement for slow, complex, expensive VPNs, enabling your remote staff to access files as easily as if they were on your corporate network.
  • Manage Multiple Websites. Web designers and developers who manage multiple sites can map a drive to each site.
  • Connect from your iPad or iPhone.  A version of WebDrive is available for your iPad or iPhone and can be downloaded from the App Store.
  • Connect from your Android device.  A version of WebDrive is available for your Android device and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • Access DropBox and Google Drive directly. DropBox and Google Drive clients write the files first to a sync folder and then send them to the server. If your local sync folder is deleted or damaged, WebDrive still lets you get to those cloud files. This is also useful if you have limited hard drive space on your PC.
  • Integrate PC scripts and programs with remote files. Use WebDrive to add remote file access to any PC script or program. Your script can just read from or write to any drive letter that is mapped by WebDrive. There’s no need to program the specific protocol commands.
  • Extend the reach of desktop search. Just configure your desktop search program to search the drives that are mapped by WebDrive. Your desktop search tool will be able to return results from your PC, cloud storage and other remote servers.
  • Backup your files. For simple backup requirements, use WebDrive’s File Manager to schedule full or partial backups. You can back up the files on your PC to any remote server that WebDrive is connected to.
  • Map Windows drives to UNIX shares. WebDrive makes it easier to work with different platforms and environments.
  • Enhance the functionality of your other apps. WebDrive is recommended by the software vendors or customers of the following products:

OpenDrive, BeyondCompare, SugarSync, AllSync Backup software, CollabNet, Seapine Software – Surround SCM, Swissdisk, FilesAnywhere, Barracuda Drive, OpenKM, Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Otixo…

If you need any further information regarding WebDrive 2016, demo or pricing, please do not hesitate to contact Pro2col on 0333 123 1240. Pro2col are South River Technologies preferred UK Supplier.