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Stingray File Transfer Server

StingRay file transfer server, previously Hermstedt StingRay file transfer server, has now been made End of Life after 17 years of service, originally being released in 2001.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What’s happening to StingRay?

The way in which the StingRay software was initially written means it is limited to specific hardware appliance builds.  We are now unable to source servers of the same specification so have taken the decision to discontinue StingRay.

StingRay has been lacking many features that businesses have wanted for some time, this has resulted in Pro2col working with a variety of other file transfer vendors since 2008. Today we supply a range of solutions which have a far wider set of features and security options and with changes to the Data Protection Act coming in May 2018, in the form of GDPR now is a good time to look at alternative solutions.

  • Will my server continue to work?

In short, the answer is yes. BUT as a hardware appliance, should you experience a hardware fault, you may be left without a file transfer server, whilst you source a replacement. Investigating an alternative now could be vital for a continued service to your customers.

  • Can I speak to a technician who understands StingRay?

Yes – although StingRay is no longer being developed or supported, Pro2col are still here and our engineers have a full understanding of StingRay and are available to offer advice when required. Get in touch here.

  • What’s next?

The file transfer landscape has changed a lot, with many more options and considerations. Pro2col regularly help companies large and small, select an appropriate file transfer system. We help them identify their unique business requirements and match these against the features of the leading solutions in the marketplace today.

The Managed File Transfer Buyer’s Guide is an excellent starting point for your research It equips you with the knowledge to make the right decision when it comes to securely transferring or sharing files. Alternatively, if you are ready to compare software, opt for our comparison service.

Solution comparison tool

Take the risk out of selecting an MFT solution with our free, independent comparison service!

Our comparison report identifies the right solution for your needs and budget. Complete a series of questions and receive a bespoke product recommendation from our technical experts.

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